Patience is a virtue that I don’t have

The last couple of days, I have gone for a walk on the tow path with my grandma. Wednesday night we went and there was a huge whooping crane standing out in the canal and took off while we walked past. Last night, we saw about 20 turtles out on logs in the canal just chilling in the sunlight. My grandpa always used to take me for walks on the path when I was around 4 years old. Every day we would go and we would get a little ways down the path and he’d say “Son, we should turn back now because you’ll never make it to the car if we don’t.” I would cry and tell him I wanted to walk all the way to the cemetary on the path so that we could go to the grave of my uncle whom I was named after. Papaw would always let me have my way so we would get to the cemetary and visit the grave. He would tell me a story about my Uncle Jimmy and then we would start walking back. Sure enough just as he predicted, not even half way back, I was too pooped to walk any further. He would pick me up and put me on his shoulders and carry me the half mile back to the truck. We would do that same routine every day during the summer. It is a time in my life that I hold dear and walking with my grandma down the path (we don’t get anywhere near the cemetary because she couldn’t carry me back to the car and vice versa!!!) keeps those memories alive.

Since I started on a downer, time to cheer everyone back up! Yesterday on the news was quite possibly the best story ever. They busted a heroin/cocaine/ecstacy drug ring at Joliet Catholic High School. They arrested 9 students and more arrests are expected. I just hope some of them are football players. I can just hear the chants now when JCA comes to Morris for the second game of the football season this fall. I suggest right now that they do the right thing and follow in Duke’s footsteps with the lacrosse team scandal and cancel the football season. I don’t care if the football team is involved or not. The whole school should be shut down over this! Yes, I’m being serious. Down with JCA!!! Down with JCA!!! OK…my Redskin pride has left my body for the time being and I can move on to other topics.

I finally got Dontrelle Willis from Brent Blades in the old fantasy baseball league. I have about 3 other trades that I just sent proposals for and will await to hear back from those GMs. My team is getting killed by Tony F’s Movie Critics and I don’t like it one bit.

Yesterday I was holding the opinion that no news was good news. Today I have switched camps. Yes I waffle back and forth. My entire life is a life or death struggle against optimism and pessimism. No news is bad news ladies and gents. I’m sure of it. Of course, tomorrow I will be back on the side of optimism. That’s how I roll. It’s like Bobby Heenan on commentary back in the day…if you pick both guys in the match to win at different points of the match, you’ll be right as long as it doesn’t end in a tie. I’m allowed at least one topic to sit on the fence on and by George this one is it.

I will now throw some numbers out there that maybe only Ray will fully understand but I’m sure the rest can figure it out eventually. Depending on how you want to keep score here are the numbers: 0-8 or 2-10 or 0-163 or 2-165 (the 0-163 is just an estimate but it is AT LEAST that and probably more so the 2-165 is also just an estimate on the low side).

I believe that it is time to cry for the second of three credit card bills has arrived. Ok that wasn’t as bad as I expected but that was the one that has been sitting in the drawer for 2 months because it is at its limit.

The chicken and broccoli is calling my name for lunch.

Until next time…call a psychic, call a seer, call a mind reader, call a clairvoyant and see if there is a happy Fannin in the future.






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