Today’s update is here…everyone can rejoice now

Last night was the second night of the karaoke boycott at the VFW. I didn’t go last Friday night and I didn’t go last night. My Aunt Faye didn’t even bother calling out here and trying to convince me to go. I stayed home and watched Deal or No Deal instead. I love that show. The guy last night was a clown. Really. He was a clown. His entire family were clowns. He was “Porkchop”, his mom was “Tooter”, his brother was “Meatball” and I forget the dad’s name but he was some kind of food too. They wore clown noses and everything. The guy proposed to his girlfriend after delivering a very good speech to her. It ALMOST made me cry…damn them. She said “Deal” to his proposal and then he went on to win $301,000 when he briefcase only had $25 in it. Good for him. I would love to be on the show…it would be a good way to erase some debt and hopefully I would do well enough to erase all debt and have plenty left over. I would jump at the first offer that was over $125,000 more than likely if I could get it that high.

I watched two great episodes of South Park where they made fun of Muslims and Family Guy. Cartman is awesome. Mind of Mencia was a great show as well. The dad from Everybody Loves Raymond made another appearance and made fun of bumper stickers. Mencia made fun of all the immigration protests going on the last couple of weeks. It was a good time. I didn’t miss karaoke at all. Let them all sing Sinatra in my absence the bastards.

Today is my third day back at the gym. I got a later start on it then the previous days since I had to wait on my grandma to be ready to go into town to visit her sister at the nursing home. Being a one car family sucks…I’m trapped in the house. This afternoon she goes to get her perm and will be gone for a couple of hours but the guy that will fix the bathroom is supposed to come out here around that time so I’ll have to stay out here and wait on him to show up. I hope they don’t sock it to me too damn bad on fixing up the bathroom…unless I wind up with a whirlpool tub…then it can be a little more expensive.

The workout went better than expected. I was able to do more lifts with the arms today than I did Tuesday even with as sore as they were. They are still sore though. I was hoping that doing some lifts would stretch out the elbow and relieve the stiffness but it didn’t do it. 35 minutes on the treadmill today at 1.9 miles and I could have gone a bit longer but I had to leave since my grandma was picking me up. Not very impressive I know, but I can’t run on the treadmill or run at all for that matter because my knees won’t allow it. I just put it on around 3.3 MPH and my little legs move as fast as they can without breaking into a run. I’ll eventually be able to get around 4 MPH without having to break into a jog/run on the treadmill.

We went to Wal-Mart afterwards. I bought two Charlie Brown DVDs. “Snoopy, Come Home” and “A Boy Named Charlie Brown.” I will be taking those with me to Louisville when I go and watching them with James Christopher while we were our Snoopy/Peanuts outfits. I also got a disposable camera so there can be pictures of this event occuring. I need more pictures. He’s able to roll over on his own now so he’s growing leaps and bounds…hopefully he still can wear that Snoopy outfit!!!

As for other things, no update. I’ll stick with the no news is good news theory and keep having some optimism. I don’t like drinking the kool-aid of optimism because it allows my guard to drop but in this situation, I think it is needed. I put plan B into operation yesterday but still have no response. I’m running out of ideas so hopefully I don’t have to go to a plan C.

In conclusion, since the prayers aren’t working, take some vitamins (hey it worked for Hogan so why not me?) for me and wish on a couple of shooting stars and throw some pennies in a wishing well…and what do you wish for???? A happy Fannin of course.






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