I’m sooooooooo out of shape

Well I’ve been neglecting the live journal in favor of the myspace blogs of late because I didn’t want to knock the “Who’s On the Shitlist” entry too far down the page. Well I think it has been floating near the top for long enough that I can start giving my updates on here too. If you haven’t read that entry, it is one of my all time favorite entries…you can’t find one more full of hate and spite and it reminds me of a Tracy Smothers promo about how everybody dies or something like that…so scroll down on my entries and give it a read. If you read the orignial posting of it, I did go back and add Jim Cornette and Gabe to the list so you might want to reread it if you missed the edited version. Anywho, on to newer issues.

My bathroom is falling apart. The tile is falling off the wall and drywall etc in behind is ruined. I have put in a couple of calls to people to try to find someone that repairs that. I finally got a call back today from a guy. He is going to call back on Wednesday to set up a time to come out and look at it and give me an idea on what the cost will be. He says that if the work is going to take several days and be a major project that I’ll have to wait a month before he can get to it. Damn small town America. I went to Joliet today with my grandma and went to Menards and Home Depot to price things…I was thinking maybe putting a whirlpool tub into the bathroom. That is very expensive. I also looked at losing the tub and just going with a nice shower. Those are expensive too and my aunt doesn’t like that idea in case my grandma gets into bad health and needs a tub instead of standing in a shower only thing.

The car goes into the shop tomorrow morning as well. Damn all these expenses. One of the three credit card bills showed up in the mail yesterday (ouch but not the biggest ouch of the three) and the car insurance. I definitely need to find a part time job to get extra money coming in and try selling some shit on ebay for extra funds. Chris’ exclusive Billy Graham figure that could only be purchased at the Orland Park Toys R Us has sold on ebay for $81.47. I think I’m going to be selling my two figures on ebay now. Sorry Mr. Graham, I gots to pay my bills!!!!

I watched The History Channel last night. Damn them for putting on interesting documentaries. They are doing the 10 Days That Changed America documentary series. Last night was the invention of the atomic bomb and then the assassination of McKinley that led to Teddy Roosevelt becoming president. TR is my third favorite President behind Reagan and Nixon so I had to watch this. Unfortunately, 50 minutes of it focused on the assassination and only 10 minutes at the most went towards TR’s presidency. Tonight is Watergate break in…I’ll probably skip that one and the night that Elvis performed on Ed Sullivan…I’ll probably skip that one as well. Yes I realize that I’m a huge dork…leave me alone.

I just got back from rejoining the gym. I am sooooo out of shape that it isn’t even funny. I hardly did anything and my arms don’t want to move and my stomach feels like its been hit with a sledgehammer. I really let myself go these last 10 months or so. I guess I’m getting what I deserve. Hopefully it won’t take long to get back into the swing of things. I’m definitely cutting back on the cheeseburgers, meatloaf and McDonald’s intake around here at least for the time being. I guess I shouldn’t say that I’m out of shape. I’m in a perfectly fine round shape. I’m not in a good shape might be a better way to phrase it. I have several motivations for wanting to lose some weight so hopefully that will see me through to the end.

I still haven’t come up with plan B yet on the other thing going on in my life. I should say that I still haven’t decided which plan to go with because I have about 100 ideas and just haven’t decided on which one to go with right now.

My good mood is continuing for the time being. But we all know how that goes.

Until next time…pray harder for a happy Fannin






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