Autographs & Car dying…edited with more car info & other stuff

Today was the Candice Michelle signing in Schaumburg to get Ian’s other two Playboy’s signed. I had to take my car to the garage to get worked on first. I needed an oil change and my trunk leak fixed and the back door fixed since it won’t open. I also asked for the tires to be rotated and balanced. I dropped the car off at 8 am and Chris picked me up from the garage and we took off to Schaumburg.

The drive was absolutely ignorant on the way up. It was raining real hard and traffic was at a standstill as I knew it would be going from Joliet to 355. We get to the signing about an hour before it starts and get in line behind Cookie Lady and Rob and his wife, I think her name is Sue. I’m bad with names. I remember faces but not good with names. The manager of the store comes out and says one thing per person can get signed. Cookie Lady has nothing to get signed so she takes the other Playboy and stays by Chris and I in the line.

After the signing, Cookie Lady and her husband join Rob and his wife and me and Chris at Hooters for lunch. Chris and I watch some of the Cubs opener while I talked wrestling with the other 4. It wasn’t too bad of a time. Cookie Lady tried to get me to go to the Toys R Us next door and meet her friend “that is single and good looking but not as good looking as Mickie.” This came after her giving me a big speech saying how she hoped that one day Mickie would change her mind and fall in love with me. I declined the invitation. There is no chance with Mickie…I realize this. There is no chance with the other person that I would gladly date at this point…I realize that as well. But a man can dream and I have never been one for settling for anything less than exactly what I wanted.

We got back to Morris and I got very bad news on the car. The leak is in the tail light not the trunk so they have to get a part sent to them to fix it. They couldn’t get the door to open either and said I need to take it to a body shop to try to get it fixed. They also told me that all four of my tires were to the point of almost blowing out and that they couldn’t believe that they hadn’t already especially with all the miles I have on the car. It sounds like the Honda is on its dying legs and I’m in no position to go out and get a new one. I have to hope that the 240,000 miles makes it to 300,000 miles and then maybe I can scrape together enough and get the other bills low enough to actually get a new one.
Well I picked up the car today. The leak in the trunk could not be fixed. The tail light fixture is where the leak is and buying the part new costs $300. It costs $40 used. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any used ones available in this area. The guy is going to keep looking and call me when he finds one. The door still won’t open either.

I then took the car to the body shop to get the door fixed. I decided what the hell, I might as well get the side mirror put back on that the blown out tire of the semi truck knocked off the car. I also decided to have the back bumper replaced that someone in Lafayette backed into and cracked and then took off like a theif in the night.

$300 for 4 new tires. $900 at the body shop for the other stuff to be done. I take it in next Wednesday and they will have it fixed by that Friday so they say.

Yep I think the car is definitely on its last legs. It has been a wonderful car to me for these last six years. I will always have a few fond memories of stuff that happened in that car with all the road trips and such.

I just read Maniwa’s bulletin about changing his top 8 around. I believe that I’m going to do the same. I’m a copycat I know.

Why is it that I only like the woman that wouldn’t have anything to do with dating me? Not such a random thought since I’m always talking about that but it is a question that is sort of on my mind. Mickie has been my biggest failure. I have smartly decided that the other person that I like, I won’t even attempt because history has already shown me what the answer would be.

Tomorrow is karaoke so I will cheer up tomorrow. I have to call my cousin and see if he wants to go with me. That could be fun. It wouldn’t be as fun as the karaoke on Saturday night but fun nonetheless.

Until next time, if anyone wants to send donations for the Keep the Honda Alive fund, they would be gladly accepted.






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