Broken record…edited

Well today was a very fun day. I woke up at 8 am like I usually do when I’m here in Morris. It must be a curse. Anyway, I sat around and watched some television until Ian and Mickie woke up. Ian got up first and we watched some basketball and the documentary before the game on Pistol Pete Maravich. Mickie got up and it we went in to Subway and got some lunch. Peanut butter cookies from Subway should be illegal. They taste way too good. The roasted chicken breast sandwich was AOK as well.

I can’t believe George Mason beat UConn today. Unbelievable stuff has gone on in this tournament. No number one seeds in the final four for the first time in 26 years. I’m glad that UConn got beat though because behind Duke and North Carolina, they are my most hated team in college basketball. If it weren’t for the overhype from ESPN, I probably wouldn’t feel that way about UConn but that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Mickie and I went in to Wal-Mart after the game and I got some groceries and I found the series 9 Road Warrior Hawk on the shelf. I have never seen the Road Warriors figures on the shelf in a store. I love this figure since it was from the days of 1983/84 when the Road Warriors scared the hell out of me. They had the Animal on the shelf but it was LOD 2000 version so I didn’t get it. We found new gear for Mickie that I think is just spectacular. Then again, my opinion is biased since I think Mickie would look fantastic in just about anything out there. We then went to the gas station to get a car wash since my car was filthy from the snow and salt up in Chicago the other day. Then it was back to Subway for more cookies and out to the house.

I joked at the car wash that we could have made out while the soap was covering the windows and nobody would have seen us. Mickie told Ian when we got back that we made out at the car wash. Ian said that if he went into the garage and my car was clean that I was a dead man. I asked him what happened to his “I was really hoping that you would win over Mickie” speech from way back when and he responded with “you don’t need to take her to the car wash and do that though.” So I guess that is still an endorsement that one day I find the proper skills to succeed in the dream that I have worked so hard for even though there is a better chance for me to eat hot dogs while voting Democrat and cheering on Brett Favre’s induction into the HOF. I had a dream last night that Mickie and I were walking down the street and out of nowhere she said “what the hell why not give it a shot” and in the dream I grabbed my chest and before I could hit the ground I was awake. That is probably why I woke up at 8 am. That would probably be my reaction in real life as well. Since I’ve lost all hope the shock would be too much for me to handle but at least I could die happy. That would be quite ironic I think. The man dubbed by Dysfunction as “The angriest man in the world” dying from happiness. Hollywood wouldn’t touch that script.

Anyway moving on from fantasy land to reality, Mickie and I watched Mind of Mencia and most of the Ron White comedy special and the Chef dies episode of South Park. Good stuff. We then took a few pictures to try and get Mickie some new promo pics. It took some convincing but I finally got her to put her hair in pigtails for a couple of the pictures. Pigtails + red hair as has been mentioned before = double kryptonite for me so of course I was a big fan of the photos. Hopefully the pictures make their way to the gimmick table by Saturday’s show.

Speaking of Saturday’s show, I got an email from Sox about a karaoke bar 3.5 miles from the Midlo building that does karaoke starting at 9 pm. We should definitely be out of the building in time for that. I figure maybe Fusion and Alex will join Sox for that one. Mickie has expressed interest in attending. Maybe if Ray makes the show he can come and hang out as well.

Well I guess that sums up today’s events.

Until next time…
I have to cherish days like yesterday. This is as close as I will come to my true happiness. No matter how hard I try to move on, my heart doesn’t want to lose this one. Gut wrenching is the only way to describe it. On one hand I get to spend a day just hanging out with Mickie and getting to see her smile and have fun and thus making me smile and have fun but then knowing at the same time, that we are feeling that way for entirely different reasons. If I haven’t said it lately, I truly hate the world and the fate that is has bestowed upon me.






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