survey stolen from Brent Blades

1. I need: to find a way to be happy.

2. Sex: is not anywhere on my horizon.

3. Relationships: Well I’ve only had one so I don’t have enough expertise to spread on the subject.

4. Your Last Ex: is my only ex and still a friend.

5. Power: I love power…I wish I had more. Some people probably wished that I have much less.

6. Marijuana: Just like 7-UP…never had and never will

7. Crack: See number 7…unless my pants don’t fit just right

8. Food: Rules especially cheeseburgers with only ketchup

9. The President: Catches much more shit then he deserves (I’ll keep Brent’s answer)

10. War: Necessary evil…helps cut down on overpopulation and keeps countries honest.

11. Cars: I drive one but I don’t know anything about them

12. Gas Prices: are insane (I’ll keep Brent’s answer)

13. Halloween: I think it encourages kids to grow up and be on welfare always asking for free handouts.

14. Politics: My college degree but I don’t believe in diplomacy so I didn’t pursue it…instead I went into wrestling which is much more political than politics but I don’t have to be as diplomatic.

15. Religion: I believe in God

16. MySpace: Good time killer

17. Fear: Snakes, needles, failure and rejection

18. Marriage: The main thing lacking from my life

19. Fashion: Couldn’t give a shit less (good answer Brent)

20. Brunettes: Some are good

21. Redheads: My kryptonite

22: Work: I’m retired from that bullshit. To hell with a real job

23: Pass the time: sleeping, eating and computering

24: Football: I love my Morris Redskins and Chicago Bears

25. One night stands: I’m not a fan…those are a dime a dozen if you want them. I want something that lasts.

27: Pixie Stix: I am not a fan

26: Pet Peeve: I don’t have pet peeves.

28: Vanilla Ice Cream: My favorite

29: Porta Potties: Filthy and smelly but like Brent said “when you gotta go you gotta go” and I have to go alot

30: High school: I miss football. I miss the pizza, cheeseburgers and the corn bread from lunch.

31: Pajamas: I love my Peanuts pj pants…my Cubs’ one is no longer for this world…I sat down the other day and had a major blowout.

32. Wood: I have his autograph but he is hurt way too damn much for my liking.

33. Surfers: Shark bait

34. Pictures: Good for memories when I’m not in them

35. Love: I don’t love very often but when I do I love more than any person on the face of the earth and therefore I hurt more than the normal person when it doesn’t love me back.






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