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Friday was quite the eventful day. It started with a 5:30 am wake up call so I could get to O’Hare in time to pick up Low Ki. Traffic absolutely sucked on I-55 north so I was still late. Why can’t people just drive? There is no reason for traffic to suck that bad at 6:30 am. No reason. Just drive people. A little snow is nothing to come to a crawl on the interstate about ESPECIALLY WHEN IT ISN’T STICKING TO THE ROAD!!!!! And what the fuck is with it snowing on March 24th? What the hell happened to the tree huggers that have been screaming about GLOBAL WARMING? SNOW ON MARCH 24TH!!! That isn’t global WARMING people. Two inches of snow on my car when I have to leave for the airport but not a flake on the road. That is just ridiculous.

I picked up Low Ki and took him to the airport. I couldn’t believe how well I got along with Low Ki. I’m a fan now. Anyways, we went to the hotel and I went ahead and got Roderick’s room as well and stayed in there watching Cold Pizza until it was time to head across town to Midway to pick up Roderick.

On the way to get Roderick, I get a phone call from SMV Gary stating that he just got a message that The Necro Butcher was stranded in Delaware with a flat tire and won’t be able to get to Chicago. So it was time to call Ian and figure out what the hell to do. Since people want to talk shit on message boards about no shows we decide the only option to get a last minute plane ticket from Philly to Chicago which is twice as expensive than it would have been if bought last week. I think the real reason wasn’t a flat tire but the fact that he wouldn’t have been able to get back out to the east coast in time for ROH tonight and he would have rather stayed home and done just the one show. He was supposed to drive out here and then stay with Corporal for a week until the stuff next weekend. I guess ROH’s $ came a calling though so those plans changed. I get the plane ticket and pick up Roderick. I call Marc Fusion and tell him to leave my friends on the one message board a note so they would stop basically telling people not to go to the show because Roderick and Low Ki wouldn’t be there. That started a big firestorm of whining because I guess they can talk all the shit in the world and when they are proved wrong and it is thrown back in their face, they can’t take it. I probably should have just left it at hey they are here so shut up but that isn’t in my personality. I say much more than that.

So I get Roderick to the hotel and then over the building and help get some stuff unloaded before it is time to once again trek across Chicago to Midway to get Necro. O’Hare to Midway is usually about a 40 minute trip for me. To go get Necro it was a 2 1/2 hour trip. I was losing my mind. I was late getting Necro and I think he was a caveman unthawed from the ice by the time I got to him. We got back to the building in a little over an hour so it wasn’t too bad heading back.

The show was awesome. The 6 man tag was so much better than it had any right being. Eric Priest winning the bunkhouse stampede and getting into the KOTDM was a shock to everyone including ERIC PRIEST!!!! Necro vs. Roderick was brutal as expected and Low Ki vs. Tyler was even better than I expected. I’m a Low Ki fan now. I wasn’t impressed 6 years ago when I last saw him but my opinion has changed.

The big plan was for Sox, Fusion and Alex to help get stuff cleaned up after the show so we could go to the karaoke bar across the way and they could hear me sing. Joey Eastman caught wind of this and decided that he wanted to go see this. The lovely Jackie, Priest’s much better half, wanting to see it as well. Of course it was too late for that by the time stuff got cleaned plus I had to run Low Ki and Roderick back to the hotel. Then it was to IHOP to have dinner with Ian, Mickie, Vince, Necro, Parks, Sox, Fusion and Alex. That was a fun time and then it was off to the hotel.

Necro at the hotel was just hilarious. That man needs his own reality show. I won’t go into full details because it was a lot of “you had to be there to appreciate it” moments. I stayed up to take Necro back to Midway for his flight home and then finally got 2 hours of sleep once returning to the hotel. Then it was time to get ready for the Cowboys autograph show. I have taken care of Ian’s birthday presents quite early this year.

He got Michael Irvin’s autograph first and he was very nice and even gave a God Bless You to Ian. Then it was time to wait around for a couple of hours before the other ones signed. We met up with Chris and hung out with him for awhile. Then it was time for Jimmy Johnson, Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Bill Bates and Moose Johnson. All of them were very nice except for Deion. He was a prick. He wouldn’t sit down so all his autographs were signed while standing and bouncing around so they looked like shit. He wouldn’t pose for pictures. A guy who just doesn’t get it. Even at the height of my heeldom, I would be nice to the fans that asked for pictures and autographs.

I basically passed out as soon as we got back to my house at 7 pm. Ian was trying to talk to me while reading the message board and I was out like a light. Now I hope to repeat the performance. Sleep is good.

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