IWA show, NCAA tournament, Ray Meyer

I will start off with the passing of basketball coaching legend Ray Meyer. I was a huge DePaul basketball fan as a little kid. My dad and I would watch the games on WGN all the time when Ray Meyer was coaching. I can remember being about 7 or 8 and crying one night when they lost a road game to Dayton on a last second shot when the homer timekeeper didn’t start the clock on time to give Dayton an extra second to get the shot off. The Chicago media would only have nice things to say about the guy and that is a tough trick to pull off in Chicago. Even though I stopped being a DePaul fan after he retired, it still saddens me to hear that he is gone. He lived a full life however of 92 years so I guess it isn’t too sad. RIP Ray Meyer and I hope you are coaching one helluva pick up game in heaven right now.

Last night was my first IWA show in two months. Corporal and Mitch beat the hell out of each other. It was great seeing Mitch again and he was asking me why I wasn’t going to the ring with him. I did commentary all night with Ben Jordan and that was a fun experience. He is coming along just fine as the play by play guy. I won’t be going tonight but I will be going to the building for a short time to drop off the flyers and some of the other things I had to take with me that wouldn’t fit into the ring truck. For a few short hours all was right with the world and things were back to the way they should be: me at IWA. I think I will get Chris to ride up to the building with me and then we can go to Orland Park and eat at Hooters and go to the Toys R Us and see if they have any tickets left for the Billy Graham signing.

My tournament bracket might as well be put out to dry. Kansas and Syracuse were in my Final Four and Iowa was in my Elite Eight. Damn them for screwing me. Teams that win their conference tournaments and are on a hot streak aren’t supposed to bite the big one in the first round…they are supposed to continue the hot streak.

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