Dorm Daze, Just Friends, NCAA tourney

Well I watched the two movies I bought the other day. I won’t give a full blown review on each movie. But here are my short thoughts:

I loved “Just Friends.” The stuff with the Christmas display being destroyed killed me. The model turned singer character was way over the top and had me shaking my head in disbelief. Basically it is about a fat dork in high school that is in love with this girl but she only sees him as her best friend and dates all these guys that treat her like crap and are bad people. He gets humiliated at the big graduation party when he tries to take the relationship to the next level and he leaves town and doesn’t return for 10 years. When he returns, he is thin, rich and has no problem getting girls. He sees the girl and immediately reverts back to his high school form. The hockey game against the kids had me laughing so hard. My favorite quote from the movie comes when he returns home and is back to trying to win over his friend. “She doesn’t want a nice guy…she put those in the friend zone and tortures them forever.” Great stuff. The typical Hollywood happy ending but it didn’t ruin the movie for me. I would recommend it to people that like funny romantic comedies that is filled with mishaps sort of on the same scheme of Meet the Parents.

Dorm Daze was very disappointing. I didn’t like it at all. They totally misused Topanga. They had her as a bitchy preppy cokehead. So wrong on so many levels. The comedy wasn’t there at all. Maybe it didn’t deliver because I watched it after “Just Friends.” Perhaps if I had watched it on its own, I would have liked it better. It had the chubby kid from Sandlot that faked drowning so he could kiss the lifeguard. He just didn’t deliver in this movie though. He wasn’t chubby anymore and was playing a role that would have been better fit for a chubby guy…not a formerly chubby sellout. A stupid movie like that needs much more gratutious nudity in it to cover the bad script and bad acting. I doubt that I will bother watching Dorm Daze II when it comes out.

Today starts the NCAA tournament and I had a terrible scare to my brackets right off the bat. I have Boston College in the Final Four and they almost got beat in first round by Pacific. 2 OTs to be Pacific doesn’t bode well for them but hopefully I can get at least a couple of wins from them to get some points. Oklahoma got beat by Milwaukee which blows. I think I only had Oklahoma winning once anyway so not a big hit unless UW-M wins again. At the end of the first day I was 12-4 on my picks. That would normally be good. However, Syracuse was one of my four losses and I had those assholes in the Final Four. The Big East was supposed to be the best conference blah blah blah and Syracuse killed me and Seton Hall I had winning two games. Grrrrrr. I won’t be winning that contest.

That’s all for now…I may edit later tonight and add more into the tournament paragraph.

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