It’s 9 pm on a Saturday night so it must be bed time

I could make this be just like the entry last night but I will try to change it around some. I saw that Ray did the survey that I filled out on myspace this afternoon. I always get a good laugh reading the answers that he provides to some of the questions.

I only watched two episodes of Dallas today so I still have 2 more to go tomorrow before I leave for the airport.

Ian called me this morning to let me know that things are going great and that Mickie won over the crowd huge. I guess that means that she will get to go back. Good for her. She’s getting to do what she always dreamed of and having fun doing it. I am glad to see my friends succeed.

I took 4 tylenol pm’s to try and ensure that I will sleep through the night and be well rested for the drive to the airport and to Louisville. I don’t have much faith in it working however.

I had a short conversation earlier tonight with Marc Fusion about the highlights of my career in wrestling. We were able to discuss those 8+ years in roughly 15 minutes and that was with me going off on tangents. Probably could have finished in 5 minutes with ease.

I will be looking forward to the Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race figures in series 10 of the classics figures. I had a discussion with Nick Maniwa earlier tonight and he showed me the link to pictures of the figures. He didn’t like my rationale for not getting the Mr. Perfect figure when the set comes out but I never said that I base all my decisions on logic and reason. Sometimes hatred and anger make my decisions for me.

Well I guess that about sums up today. It is off to bed and the nightmare that has plagued me all week. I can’t wait to start.

Until next time…






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