The more things change, the more they stay the same

Today was my Aunt Faye’s birthday. She was down in the dumps this morning due to some things going on. I went into town to visit my Grandma Dorothy and my Aunt Sharon. I stopped out to Wal-Mart and put seasons 6, 7 and 8 of Friends on layaway and then swung by my Aunt Faye’s to check on her.

We had a nice long talk. She told me how she was worried about me and how I just sit at home and don’t do anything and how I go to bed by 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday nights when I don’t have wrestling. She told me that I should get out and go places to meet other people my own age instead of staying with grandma at the house all the time. We made plans to go out to eat at Chili’s for her birthday supper and then go to the VFW to listen to karoake. Yes, I agreed to go to a bar in order to make her stop worrying about me. The morale of her story to me was that I was too young to give up on life. I argued that I held on too long and should have given up much earlier than what I did.

Anyway, my Aunt Faye, her boyfriend Al, my grandma and me went to Chili’s around 6 pm for supper. There was a long wait for a table and Al kept raising a fit about the wait. Once we got the table, he was rude to the waitress about how long the wait was for a table. The food came out and my aunt’s steak and my grandma’s burger were red as could be. I almost threw up and they asked for the food to be taken back and cooked the right way. Al was quite rude some more and the tables around us were shaking their heads and I was to. Al picked up the bill and left the waitress a tip and I threw a couple of extra dollars onto the table to make up for the grief she had to endure.

We got to the VFW around 8 pm and that is when the karaoke started. We got a table up against the wall on the side of the building and I pulled my chair against the wall and sat down. The singing was horrible as would be expected. I just stared ahead and thought about stuff. My grandma tried to get me to go shoot some pool with a guy that was at the pool table. I told her my rule about not interacting with people that I do not know and continued to stare ahead. I stayed until 9 pm and decided that I had enough and was ready to leave. I didn’t even outlast my grandma.

Well that about sums up my day. Tomorrow is Orland Park with Chris. I think we are going to Hooters and then the rest of the stuff will be a repeat of what I did Saturday night while waiting for the IWA show to end.

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