What a weekend

I know three or four of you have waited since Friday night for this update and when it’s done, you’ll be disappointed. Anyway, onto the events of the past 6 days.

I went down to Louisville last Thursday. I wanted to ride to Indianapolis with Bull to discuss the cage match (probably a good thing that didn’t occur) and I wanted to be able to see Ian if he didn’t get out of the hospital in time to make the shows over the weekend. Ian got out of the hospital on Thursday afternoon so I set up a meeting with Shaina to exchange Christmas gifts finally. I got into Louisville and saw James Christopher and then Ian and Patti returned from the hospital. I went to Shaina’s and exchanged gifts and got to play with Cicero for awhile. It was great to see Shaina and Cicero since it had been quite awhile. Shaina got me Walking Tall (Rock’s version) and “They Call Me Tater Salad” DVDs. Great gifts.

Friday was just plain crazy. Those that were there at the show saw what happened. Those that weren’t, have read about it by now and can buy the DVD to see what happened if they want. The events that occurred immediately after the cage match in the locker room shall stay between the boys. Maybe one day the entire story will be told but for now, I will just keep it to this as it isn’t everybody’s business. I’m just glad that James Christopher was still sleeping and didn’t have to see me like that and is still too young to know what was happening even if he did see it. The blowup was a long time coming and as hard as it is to believe for those that were there, it was a mini blow up and nowhere near as bad as it potentially could have been if directed at other people farther up on the shitlist. There’s a million miles between #1 and #4 so it could have been much worse. I had a long talk with Ian and someone else in the concession stand after the show and decided what my future would be. That is all that I have to say about Friday night right now.

Saturday was a fun night. I went to Orland Park and shopped at Target and bought James Christopher some Winnie the Pooh diapers. I went to Toys R Us and they didn’t have anything. I hate inventory time…fill the shelves back up and have stuff on the floor to sell for crying out loud!!!! I went to the Orland Square Mall and got Ian the Eddie Guerrero book. I didn’t know that Eddie mentioned IWA in his book so John Calvin was showing everybody that part of the book. I went to Best Buy and was very disappointed when I saw that the CD burner was out of order so I couldn’t have another CD made. I finished up by going to see the Walk The Line movie about Johnny Cash. The theater was a sellout (about 450-500 people) and it ended up being a good movie. I thought I would hate Johnny Cash afterwards since I can’t stand the guy that plays him in the movie but it was good nonetheless. Anyway, Saturday ended up being a peaceful and pleasant night.

Monday morning, I changed James Christopher’s messy diaper and changed him into his clothes for the day. Patti and Ian were shocked that I changed the diaper and it gets marked onto his Baby’s First Year calendar that I got him to mark all the important events.

Yesterday I had to take Ian and Mickie up to Chicago so they could get their passports for their trip to Europe today. I have never walked around downtown Chicago before so it was a fun day. I dropped Ian and Mickie off because we were late due to traffic and had to find a spot to park. I ended up parking in the parking garage for the Oriental Theater which is still playing Wicked. I thought that was neat. On the walk down to the Federal Building, I past the Daley Building (more on that later) and eventually found where Ian and Mickie were. They had a few hours to waste after turning in the paper work so we walked to the Sears Tower. I had never been in it before. Ian’s Maryland hat got blown off his head by the wind on the walk and he’d still be chasing after it if it weren’t for a nice gentlemen down the street that grabbed it for him. The Sears Tower was fun and Mickie and Ian leaned over the rail and put their heads on the window like Ferris Buehler did in that movie. We went back and got the passports and started back to the car. We went into the Daley Federal Building and Ian went up to the security guard and asked “Did you see two guys in black suits, white shirts, black hats and sunglasses come in here?” The lady chuckled and grinned and shook her head no. So after doing Ferris Buehler and The Blues Brothers, we decided to call it a day in Chicago and return to my house.

We watched the new episode of The Shield last night. They finally had the first confrontation between Vic Mackey and Agent Kavanaugh. I can’t wait to see those two go at it in future episodes.

I just got back from taking Ian and Mickie to O’Hare to catch their flight to Spain. They’ll be in Germany and Austria till Super Bowl Sunday. I probably won’t have much to update on since I’ll just be sitting at home doing nothing.

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