The Comeback

I must say that I didn’t think it would feel that damn good. I thought for sure that I would hate every last second of it but I had a blast. The huge crowd probably had something to do with it. Working with Bull had a lot to do with it. It is so great to be on his side and not have to worry about being hit by the bat. There was one moment though when it felt just so right.

I can remember raising my arm and then the pure joy when I waffled the hell out of Jimmy Jacobs with that forearm to the back of the head and watching him skid 10 feet across the floor on his face. Hello Jimmy Jacobs, that was my warning shot. I was completely 100% serious when I told you in Hammond that I was coming for your life…not the title.

It was almost as fun when he shoved me and I shoved him back and sent him flying across the floor another 10 feet. Those to “throws” were just warm up tosses though.

The winning toss came later when I sent him through the rows of chairs and if it weren’t for him crashing and flipping into the guy in the front row of the bleachers, he would have landed in the second row of the bleachers. Once I get back into practice, I should be able to get some more distance on my Jacobs tossing.

That is right Jimmy Jacobs…that mugging felt so damn good that I will be back for more. I am not quite through with you. The crowd gave a nice “we want more” chant at the ending stages of the match and I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.

Perhaps the best part of the match though was that barb wire bat shot to the back by Bull…or maybe it was the bat to the head…or when he put Jacobs head into the chair and stomped the hell out of it on the floor…or maybe the cradle piledriver…or maybe the overhead throw belly to belly suplex that almost threw Jimmy out of the ring. Too many great moments to choose from and yet still so much more to come.

I think it is very safe to say that MY WAY was much harder on the treasonous bastard than Ian’s way was with New Jack. Now the ball is back into Ian’s court to try to top it…so I can come back and retop it!!!

Good Day.






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