I can’t sleep

I’ve been tossing and turning for a couple of hours now and I just have the same anger rolling through me and not letting me sleep.

I am getting sick and tired of the bullshit on internet message boards. Complaining, bitching, fighting. It is nonstop. Some people that haven’t seen an IWA show in years do nothing but run their fucking mouth every time something comes up about a show. How much money do they think American Dragon, Sara Del Ray and Rocky Romero get paid to do a show? Evidently they think they get paid the same amount as Tyler Black and Marek Brave. Earth to wrestling fans…earth to wrestling fans…pull your head out of your ass and get a clue.

It pisses me off to no end to know that Ian is in debt to his eyeballs trying to keep IWA alive and that I have sunk countless dollars into it as well and what seems to be the vast majority of wrestling fans don’t give a shit. They just want to run IWA into the ground and take joy when a change is made to the lineup and see how many jokes that they can zing out there. Fuck them. It isn’t worth it. Fuck half the wrestlers don’t even appreciate it. How they could even stand next to a fucking piece of shit that paid to trash our belt let alone continue to work for the guy or go party with him after collecting a payday from IWA just baffles me. How fucking people that are already on the shit list could be dumb enough to do it is just enraging.

There is no loyalty in the wrestling business. Fans don’t have it. Wrestlers don’t have it. I can remember back to the glory days of the KMart building and the Charlestown building. The fans and wrestlers in IWA were constantly compared to a cult. They had loyalty. It was fun back then. Now it is just a pain in the ass to the point that I constantly have to ask myself why I stay involved. The answer…loyalty. I guess I’m just a schmuck that still has some.

I definitely will be staying at the gimmick table for the duration of the show on Friday except for the Bull/Jimmy match. There are several people that I want no part of being around. A message will be sent to all of them during the match. I don’t care if most of them quit. Fuck em. They obviously don’t care about IWA so why should I give a second thought about having them injured or worse.

I’m through ranting for the time being…people better pray that I get into a better mood by Friday night and they better thank God that I’m not in Louisville and won’t be riding to the show for 5 hours with Bull Pain or else everybody would die.