I’m back – in more ways than one

1. I am back home in Morris. I left this morning and got home around 3 pm or so. I have picked up my copy of the book “Redskin Power” that is now available in Morris. It has stories and great pictures from every game this year.

2. I am returning to active duty at IWA Mid-South in the role of manager. I will be managing Bull Pain at the Strong Style Tournament on December 30th.

3. The angry ready to kill and in a piss off mood Jim was back in full force this weekend.

Now for some details.

I watched some episodes of Friends with Ian and Patti while in Louisville and I got to catch some of my favorite episodes. I think the episodes with Rachel dating Paolo and the way that Ross would react to him are my favorites. If they aren’t, the ones that were on TBS tonight and probably tomorrow are: when Rachel finally falls for Ross but he ends up dating Julie and then Rachel is one that is pissed. My favorite part of the Paolo episodes is when Chandler’s mom is visiting and she talks with Ross about and says “Paolo is a secondary character that you will eventually kill off.” I like that.

I had to do laundry while in Louisville since I was down there for 2 weeks. The instructions on the dryer killed me. The first instruction was “look for children in the dryer.” This was actually on the instructions which means that it has to be a major problem across the country for them to put it on there. There was also a sign on the wall saying that “Kids can’t play with guns.” I thought that was a good rule until I realized that it was referring to the video games that had guns attached to the game. While eating at Long John Silvers, I saw a sign up by the register that said “Remember…robbery this established will result in 10-15 years in prison.” Perhaps if it was okay for the children to play with the toy guns in the laundrymat as children, they wouldn’t grow up to play with the real ones because it would be out of their system by then.

The Mayor and Missy showed up at the hospital when James Christopher was having surgery. Congrats to those two…I’m looking forward to September and it was just great of them to come up to the hospital and see everyone. True friends.

James Christopher has recovered from surgery and was supposed to come home today. I haven’t talked to Ian yet so I’m not sure if he did or not. I hope he did. I am getting pictures developed of James Christopher and when the CD is done, I will post the pictures on here…hopefully by Christmas Eve I can have it done.

I will go into a short story here on my return to managing. I do not intend for this to be permanent. I only want to be back for as long as it takes to get revenge on Jimmy Jacobs. Hopefully it lasts one match. I am looking forward to managing Bull. I rode with him to Indy and had a great talk with him and he is pissed at Jimmy. I begged Ian the next day as we waited to be allowed into the Hammond Armory to allow me to comeback and manage Bull at SST and Ian agreed. The beating on Jimmy is going to be just as bad due to the fact that he has forced me to return to something I don’t like anymore as it is due to what he did to the title..

I must now go into a rant. I went from KOTDM to this past weekend being in a good mood. Even with all the stuff happening with James Christopher I was optimistic and in good spirits. It took one night being around dickface to change my mood. By the time the second night was over, I was ready to kill. I was openly going on tirades for everyone to hear and even went off on the worthless sack of shit (well maybe not worthless…he does a mean job carrying bags). Bull has offered to let me borrow his bat to put an end to it once and for all and I am seriously considering taking him up on the offer. I have dropped 3 more people off the shit list this weekend due to that fucker. John Maddox, Jacob Lestina and Dave Friel from high school are now off the Fannin Shit List. It is just unbelievable how this dumbass can continue to find ways to dig himself a deeper grave. When you get to the point that I’m yelling at you and not keeping my anger to myself or a few others, that is the sign that the shit is about to hit the fan. He was officially dead to me and then pissed me off even further enough for me to break my silence towards him and let him know exactly how worthless I find him to be.

Now onto the 2005 Year End Awards:

Greatest Gift of the Year: Ian and Patti using me as part of the namesake for their son and making me the Godfather. There is no greater gift in the world than that.

Biggest Regret of the Year: Not accepting Ian’s birthday present to me. There is several fates worse than firing that I wish upon the guy but looking back [original thought deleted] firing would have been good enough.

Worst Month – April – The death of Chris Candido and getting kicked in the face by Mickie doesn’t make for a good month

Best Month – November 8th to December 7th – Morris’ run through playoffs and birth of James Christopher

I might think of more awards later but I’m not feeling well. I’ve had a headache since Saturday night and I’ve taken some tylenol pms…hopefully I can sleep through the night and be better in the morning.






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