QB Club meeting…a pic and some random thoughts


image gone 🙁


That is the state champion tshirt and hat that I picked up at the QB
Club meeting tonight.  They are my new favorite shirt and
hat.  I have a sweatshirt on order.  It will be gray with the
same logo as the tshirt and on the back it will have all the scores
from the season and say State Champions.  I will be looking
forward to when it arrives.  I talked with the QB Club lady about
doing another show in Morris during the winter and she said she would
look into and get back to me with what dates are available.
I have to say that I am quite amazed at how long I have been in a good
mood overall.  The shit from the weekend didn’t completely sour my
mood and it hasn’t crushed my spirit.  I just keep thinking about
how everything will work out in our favor because this year has started
off fantastic for me and it will continue that way.  Hopefully
this can continue.

I put a post on the IWA board today suggesting that I should come out
of retirement in order to have a more successful run than the one I had
wit Danny Daniels so I wouldn’t go to my grave with that hanging over
me.  It got some positive responses and I posted on my myspace
blog that I have given it some thought and have an idea on what I would
like to do if I came out of retirement.  I immediately got several
responses saying that it would be a good thing.  One guy had a
crazy suggestion for who I should manage and I won’t even get in to how
it would cause universes to collide and worlds to crumble and how I
definitely would not come back for that.  I will allow others that
read this LJ to post their feelings as well.  In one day it will
be five months since I last managed and that is a lengthy
vacation.  I still remember how anxious I was to get out though at
the start of the year.  The Jim Fannin Farewell Tour felt like it
was never going to end.  Why come back to something that I
despised so greatly at the end?  What I have running through my
mind would be a fun ride however and then I can walk away
satisfied.  I didn’t say that I would never manage again when I
walked away earlier this year.  At least I don’t think I
did.  A lot of things would have to fall into place and a lot of
things would have to change regarding gimmick table etc before I can
make a decision to return though.  But I will welcome comments.

I guess I don’t really have any other thoughts right now.  I just
know that I couldn’t fall asleep so I thought I’d go ahead and post

Until next time.







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