ESPN radio host makes rude comments about Guerrero – here’s what we can do about it

Here is what is ciculating on the net. I ask that everyone send this guy an email, call the ESPN customer service line and send the powers that be an email and let them know that they should fire this hypocrite. There is also a petition floating around that already has 1300 signatures. Go and sign that as well.

Colin Cowherd on his show today made rude comments about steroids in wrestling and how no one cares that Eddie Guerrero is dead and that it isn’t newsworthy etc.

Here are the links:

link gone

Sign the petition to get Colin Cowherd fired

The phone number for customer service to voice your opinion is 860-766-2000. They have brought extra people in to field the calls due to the number of people calling.
************************************ – is the generic email address for espn radio to let them know your opinion of The Herd.

theherd@ – is the direct email for the host that made the comments.

Everyone get involved and let ESPN know that there are a lot of wrestling fans out there and that we won’t be kicked around and treated like dirt because some weenie that probably got his ass kicked every day in school by a wrestler holds a grudge and wants to be a pathetic asshole.






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