RIP Eddie Guerrero

The wrestling world has lost another great wrestler. Ian, Patti and myself are all greatly saddened by this loss.

Eddie Guerrero was a former IWA Mid-South heavyweight champion and had a few matches in IWA with CM Punk. He was a total class act when he was in IWA and did a lot to elevate Punk to that next level and helped out the entire dressing room with his presence. Guerrero nows joins Chris Candido as former IWA Mid-South competitors that we have lost this year.

I don’t really have any stories to share on Eddie because I never really got to spend much time with him when he came into IWA. The only story that I have involves everyone going to R-Place after the Morris show in 2002 to eat. I think it was a waitress but it might have just been another customer in the restaurant but the girl said “Oh My God…it’s Eddie Guerrero” and CM Punk humiliated the girl by mocking her in a shrieking female voice and saying “OOOOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD…it’s Eddiiiiiieeeeee Guerrerooooooooooooooo.”






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