Hooters calendar girls the day after my birthday

Tonight I went to Hooters in Orland Park with my friend Chris.  We
have been friends since we were 5 years old.  He isn’t my best
friend in the world but defintely the longest tenured.  He got me
a Cubs hat and a red Cubs tshirt that has Zambrano’s name and number on
the back of it.  He then bought my dinner at Hooters but I had to
purchase my own calendar to get signed.

The waitress was very nice and very busy.  The place was packed
with people wanting to get calendars signed.  I asked the waitress
if she would go ahead and sign her photo in the calendar for me right
at the table.  She laughed and said she wasn’t in the
calendar.  I asked why not and said that if it were my decision
she would have been on the cover.  She signed the calendar and
wrote down her phone number with it.  OK so that those of you that
know me know that that definitely did not happen.  I didn’t say
anything and she didn’t leave her number.  She was a good waitress

Chris and I finished eating and then went up to stand in line with
everybody else to get the calendar signed.  The girls were very
nice and were taking time to talk to everyone and acted interested in
everyone’s stories.  I have taken some pictures of the pages that
the girls signed in the calendar and will now post them for everyone’s
viewing pleasure.

image gone 🙁


She’s the cover girl of the calendar and did not look as good in person
as she does in this photo.  She was the only girl that was like

image gone 🙁


Beverly was the one that looked much better in person than in the
picture and she signed the pic “Breast Wishes.”  How can you beat

image gone 🙁


Kat was very nice but she was definitely in the SHADOWS of the lady
next to her at the table.  Due to lighting problems and such, I
can’t get that picture to turn out and the picture in the calendar
doesn’t do the lady any justice whatsoever.

image gone 🙁


As you can see, Whitney and Kat borrowed each others tag lines for the
autographs.  Whitney was the least friendly of the girls as
well.  Boo to the international girl!!!!

Chris and I have decided that this should become a yearly ritual of
ours.  Yes, I’m lonely and pathetic and don’t need to hear the
lectures from the girls out there that read this.

Well I now return everyone back to their regularly scheduled lives.






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