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I have just returned home from my eventful trip to Hardcore Homecoming with Mickie and Ian. First I must yell at Marc Fusion for lying to me and trying to fuck with me and trying to ruin the trip before it even began. YELL!!!!!!

Anyway, I get in to Louisville on Wednesday night and rush over to Ian’s to get him and get to 316 Ormsby to watch the Mayor do his comedy act. It was a fun time hanging out with the Mayor and Missy and he does an awesome job with his act…especially when you takes jabs at Ian and me during his routine. Ian has promised to return the favor the next time the Mayor goes to IWA.

We left for Baltimore on Thursday night and drive through the night and early morning and arrive in Baltimore around 8:30 am. We go to the Amish flea market and Ian and Mickie get pretzels and then we return to the house and sleep most of the day and into the night.

We have to pick up Axl and take him with us to Philly for the Hardcore Homecoming show. Mickie and I drag in all the gimmicks and then are informed that we can’t sell them until after the show when they do the meet and greet. We stick the gimmicks over with Ian’s friend that sells the HH gimmicks and I go outside. I took a walk around South Philly. I walked over to the Toys R Us and then went and got Mickie some food from Wendy’s. I walked it back to the Arena and gave it to Mickie and then sat in the car and waited for her to call me and tell me that Ian was wrestling. She called and I went inside and watched Ian vs. Axl. Brutal match and the crowd loved it. I decided to stay in the building for the rest of the show but I didn’t want to watch anything. I pulled up a chair in the loft by the sound system and pointed my chair away from the ring and waited for the show to end. I ended up missing Francine getting naked during the dog collar match. I would have liked to have seen that especially since I might not see live naked titties ever again at the rate I’m going.

That’s long enough into the entry without mentioning high school football. Morris vs. Joliet Catholic on Friday night at 7 pm. I’ll be getting my tickets tomorrow. The game is in Morris for the first time ever so hopefully we can pull off our first victory ever over JCA. Doubtful…but maybe it will happen. BTW- John Dergo got his 4 TDs in the game Friday so he is now tied for the career record for TDs with 104.

Well now on to today…my 29th birthday. I will start it by telling everyone what Mickie Knuckles got me for my birthday. A movie that after thinking about it, we watched together and I commented that I liked it. I like the gift and am happy with it. Now for the smartass in me to take over though because this opportunity is too good to pass up. The name of the movie that Mickie bought for me…”The Lonely Guy.” I guess the store was out of “Better off Dead” (because I wouldn’t go out with you in a million years you jackasss) and “A League of Their Own” (and you aren’t in it so forget about it). OK…now back to our regulary scheduled rant.

It is now time for me to put the past year in the ground and bury it. I’m still working on the hole cause their is a lot of shit to put in it. I have a couple more hours left to finish it and I’m sure I will. I will not forget or forgive the failures of the past year but I will bury them and try to not carry them with me any longer. I guess I could look at the bright side of the past year being the wonderful friendship that I made in Mickie. Of course, that isn’t what I set out for in the beginning but it is better than nothing. I had a lot of stuff about fat and ugly originally planned for this spot but I’m going to edit it out. I then had a lot of bitching and moaning about not knowing my limitations and not assuming the answer is no like I always have done in the past. I’ll edit those out as well.

I then had a paragraph about what kind of woman I would date and since all the woman that fall into that category wouldn’t date me, why waste the time of typing it up?

Well that does it for my birthday update. Exciting stuff I know.






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