New Screen Name for AIM…edit for high school football

The JFannin73 can no longer be logged on for my AIM. I keep getting a message saying account suspended. Therefore, my new sn for AIM is iwafannin.

I will not be going to Kentucky for the entire week like originally thought. I will be leaving on Thursday morning in order to save me from the wrath of my grandma.

The Bears got an exciting OT win today to get into sole possession of first place. That is a good thing.

I have nothing else.


I decided to dig around on the IHSA website to see what records John Dergo is closing in on as this season nears its end.

As I have already mentioned, he already owns the all time points scored in a career with 679 so far this season.

His 299 points scored this year currently puts him in 3rd place for most points in a season. 2nd place is 300 points and 1st place is 312 points so with 2 touchdowns and PATs against Geneva he will hold that record.

As already mentioned, his 100 career touchdowns place him 2nd place…1st place is 104 so he can get that against Geneva.

He has scored 42 TDs this season which currently places him in 7th place. There are a few at 43, then 45 and 51…he will have to get past Joliet Catholic to get to 51 but he can definitely get past 45 and move into 2nd place.

He has 5,234 yards rushing in his career. That currently places him 7th all time. He can legitimately get to 4th place – 5,626 but everyone else is at least at 6,000 yards after that.

He currently has 2,160 yards this season which ties him for 47th on the list. Everyone is bottled up though and he can easily get into the top 10 if he gets his average against Geneva and then around 100 yards against JCA.

He rushed for 379 yards in one game against Lemont earlier this year…that places 24th on the list for most yards in a game…the guy in 1st had 498 yards!!!

He is currently averaging 215 yards per game which puts him 8th all time…I think that number will drop after the JCA game.

Those are just the ones I can figure out due to what was in the paper and going against the list on the IHSA site. There are several season and career averages that he could be listed on that I don’t know about.






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