Early birthday present and thank yous…edited

I am exhausted. It is 3:30 in the morning and I can’t wait to go to sleep. First I have to post a few things.

First, everyone who was not in Muscatine missed the greatest thing ever. John Calvin made his managerial debut tonight as Mini Larry Sweeney complete with boa, pants, glasses, shirt. It was sooooooo awesome and just utterly ridiculous.

I then need to post a couple of thank yous. Thank you Ian Rotten for giving me an early birthday present. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted for my birthday but that isn’t a possibility. It wasn’t the second thing on my list of what would have been nice or the third thing which would have been very nice. Even if you had heard the offer by Marc Fusion, I doubt you would have gone that far in delivering me happiness for my birthday. But I appreciate the gesture. Much love for the gift I did get though.

Marc Fusion, thank you for agreeing to loan me $500 so that I could get something that would make me really happy for my birthday. You didn’t make the offer loud enough but your heart was in the right place at least from my point of view. We might have more success with trying for option B with the bribe and that wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize. If all went well with option B, I might even get over some things and not even need to have option A done.

The birthday present combined with John Calvin as Mini Sweeney and talking with Priest and Chandler during the main event actually made the show somewhat enjoyable for me tonight. That is the first time that has happened at a wrestling show in forever.

Well it is my bedtime. Good night.

As mentioned I edited a couple of things in this post and I have edited some comments. The rules in the land of Fannin here on livejournal.com is that we don’t name names in the comments section if the names aren’t named in the blog update. Some people that read this thing don’t need to know the full story. Personal issues should stay for the most part between the persons that are involved or have a stake in it. I have deleted some comments that were left because of that.






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