Just more complaining about life from me

This week I’ve been helping out my Aunt Faye deal with some personal things going on in her life. She’s pretty stressed out with everything and even got lost in Joliet with my grandma the other day because she couldn’t keep her mind straight due to the stress. She came out to the house today and I went with her to get some copies made of stuff and she talked with me on the way back to the house. She wanted to know what has been bothering me so badly the last several weeks and saying that my grandma can’t put her finger on it but they are both worried about me and want to help if they can. I gave her a very brief outline of the situation and told her that there really isn’t anything that anybody can do to cheer me up or make me feel better.

I then ended up getting into with my grandma afterwards but not in the funny get a load of this kind of way like we usually do. I got the whole “I’m going to be broke in no time and then what” speech. I got the “your mom and dad would be so disappointed to see that you have squandered your inheritance” speech. This time I even got the “I still control the purse strings and things will start to change around here” speech. She asked what she could do to make things better for me and I said it involved a gun and pulling the trigger. She wouldn’t take me up on my offer.

I do believe that I’m going to have to go out and find a job after the start of the new year. I will have to make some changes because I’m going absolutely insane the way things are going now. I need less stress and hate in my life and there are only a few ways to do that but that would create stress in the process.

In other sad news, Rollin Hard is in the hospital with cancer. I sincerely hope that the doctors caught it in time and that Rollin can make a full recovery. He has two children that will need a healthy father in their lives. He was one of the first guys that I managed and he was always great to me and a good friend. He doesn’t deserve this.

Well it is time to go to bed. Blah to the world.






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