No World Series tickets for me…wrestling stuff…edited

It took a lot of trying to get the ticketmaster site to load up for me around noon today. Then when it finally let me in, dial up connection killed me because it took so long for the page with the word to type in to verify stuff to load that it would always say “this page has timed out” by the time it would load the word and I would type it in. Then I finally got it to load the page and accept it and start searching for tickets and after 10 minutes of searching, it came back that 2 seats together were not available for Game 2. It asked if I wanted to try to find seats for 2 that would be close to each other and I clicked yes and it came back that I was asking for more tickets than my password allowed. I went back to the beginning and it wouldn’t let me pick anything other than 1 ticket to look for. Blah. I guess I’ll be watching at home.

Now I have to ask people out there to help me out. I have tried to compile a complete list of who I have managed over the course of time and who the main feuds were with in my managerial career. Maniwa has helped me add a couple and SMV Andy helped me out with a couple of names as well. I’m trying to remember everyone that I have managed at least once. Here is the list that I have so far:

Ian Rotten (led to IWA heavyweight title)
JProdigy/BDL (IWA Light Heavyweight title)
Rollin Hard (led to IWA heavyweight title)
Mean Mitch Page
Cash Flo
Adrian Serrano
Rugby Thug Trent Baker (led to two IWA heavyweight title reigns)
BJ Whitmer (Revolution Strong Style Championship and IWA heavyweight title)
Danny Daniels (TPI championship & IWA heavyweight title)
Chris Hero (led to IWA heavyweight title)
Ace Steel
Danny Dominion
CM Punk
Matt Stryker
Axl Rotten
Steve Stone
Jimmy Jacobs
Tracy Smothers
Chris Candido
JC Bailey
Eddie Kingston
Simon Sezz
Chandler McClure
Bryce Benjamin
Mark Wolf
Necro Butcher
Mad Man Pondo
Toby Klein
Lancaster Twins
Brad Bradley
Ryan Boz
Claudio Castagnoli
Nigel McGuiness
Ray Gordy

I sort of acted as a manager for American Dragon to get Ian Rotten to agree to wrestle him in New Albany but the match never happened…so I don’t know whether to count that or not.

So that is 35 guys not counting Dragon. If you guys can think of anybody that I’ve left out, please let me know so that I can add them to the list.

The list of feuds will be much easier to remember and much shorter.

Bull Pain vs. me

Corporal Robinson/Blaze vs. me and then later Corporal vs. Necro/me (side note…in 8 years in IWA together, Corporal and me have only been on the same side for about 4 months)

Ian Rotten vs. me (Mean & Hard vs. Ian; Super Heroes vs. Anti-Heroes; Super Mean vs. Ian; Fannin Family vs. IWA Ian)

JC Bailey vs. me led to Super Mean vs. Ian but we didn’t really work together alot but it was a feud nonetheless

Danny Daniels vs. BJ Whitmer/me

Team Chuman vs. Fannin Family

Trik Davis vs. Fannin Family

Chandler McClure vs. me never really got going because it was at the end of my time as manager and War Games was the focus

Ryan Boz vs. me (haircut on Boz…Boz makes me wear a skirt…another brief feud)

Steve Stone/Ian vs. Brad/Boz/me (I’m so glad that I got Steve on my side cause he beat the HELL out of me in this series of matches)

Chris Hero vs. Danny Daniels/me (good to get revenge on the man who went to having Nadia manage him after I led him to the title and cause him to have to leave IWA…in hindsight, I probably would rather be around Nadia than me too if I were Hero)

I think that about covers the feuds that I was involved in while managing. I think it is safe to say that at one point or another, I managed or feuded or both with just about everybody that had an extended stay in IWA. It would have been fun to have had Blackjack w/ Kingston, Larry Sweeney and Arik Cannon at some point over the course of the managing but I can’t complain. It also would have been real nice to manage or feud with Rain. Maybe manage her and then feud with her and have a couple of those intergender matches that Prazak got to have with the girls…that would have been lots of fun.

Here are the 5 matches that I was a “wrestler” in…I finished with a 2-2-1 record so at least I went .500.

Dave Prazak vs. Jim Fannin – From Hardcore Hell and Back 2000 – 8-5-2000 – victory

Bull Pain vs. Jim Fannin – KOTDM 2003 – no contest due to interference from Super Mean (thank goodness we didn’t have DQs back then or else I would have finished with a losing record!!!!!)

Pondo/Ian/Stone/Balls vs. Brad/Boz/Carmine/Fannin Barb Wire match – Payback Pain & Agony – 2-13-04 – loss

Trik/Road Dogg vs. Boz/Fannin – March 7, 2004 in Oolitic – loss (back to back pinfall losses for me..ouch)

Ian/Stone vs. Danny/Boz/me – April 17, 2004 in Lafayette – win (I pinned Ian…go from no matches in 3 years to 3 matches in 3 months and I finish with a pinfall over Ian…highlight of the career right there and bring my record back to .500…Jimamania was running wild that night and I had the yellow tank top to prove it!!!)

I guess that does it for today.






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