More complaining by me

Today I went and paid the police station and the school what was owed to them for the Morris show and the final totals are in…with flyers, newspaper ads, plane tickets, paying the school, paying police, hotels and the extra money given to Ian to cover his expenses on the show: I lost a little over $2200 this weekend not counting gas and tolls. I don’t think the school was very happy with the small amount that they got but fuck them since they didn’t even mention it in their announcements before they dismissed the kids on Thursday. It would have been a $3000 hit if the QB Club would have taken their take of the money. Thank goodness they had a soul and knew they hadn’t earned anything.

My grandma and I did some cleaning out in the shed. I made her mad at me because I’m throwing away my old wooden sled from when I was two years old. She said “what if your kids want that one day” and I laughed for two minutes and said there will be no kids in my future. She gave me a lecture about my grandpa being 32 when they got married and I just said that it wasn’t happening for me. I was ready to pitch damn near everything out in the shed. I have no need for any of it but she wants to keep some of it.

I will have a busy day tomorrow as long as it doesn’t rain. Mow the lawn…haul lots of trash to the street…go out to the cemetary because it is mom’s birthday tomorrow and dad’s on Thursday. I need to go out and find something to take to the cemetary for their birthdays…Wal-Mart didn’t have anything earlier today and then at noon I will attempt to get some World Series tickets online for Sunday’s Game 2. I may never get to see another World Series in Chicago so I will try to go even though it is the White Sox.

Until it is time for my next rant…






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