My grandma’s BDay & other stuff (edited to add article & message for Ray)

Today is my grandma’s 77th birthday. She isn’t doing anything to celebrate it. I think that is where in inherit my hatred for my birthday and why I don’t do anything to celebrate it. She got up and made Ian, Mickie and me our favorite breakfast of fried apples, biscuits, sausage. Mickie and Ian haven’t awaken yet to partake of it but I had it while it was nice and hot. My cousin was having an operation today so she took off and went to be at the hospital for that.

Yesterday was flyering in Midlothian. Joey Eastman said that he had flyers in every business on Cicero and 147th and he wasn’t lying. Every place we went into was like “we already have flyers for that” and we would have to explain that one show was in the afternoon and the other at night and then put ours in there too. Hopefully lots of people show up for both shows.

The commercials aired on UFC and on RAW last night. One commercial even aired on CSI before the UFC stuff came on because the cable company had the wrong times for the UFC and TNA shows last night. I haven’t gotten any phone calls off these commercials but since all the info is in the commercial, hopefully people are just waiting until the they get there to get tickets.

We watched the Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story DVD last night. Awesome stuff. I laughed so hard especially when they mock the plight of the Chicago Cubs. Great stuff. I think it immediately goes onto the list for favorite movies. Mickie got mad that I put it ahead of Anchorman and I was like “special features pushes Anchorman to the top for OVERALL DVD but the actual movie part had more funny stuff in the Stewie DVD.” She then calmed down. Things were sort of like old times between Mickie and me except for the fact that I wasn’t hitting on her every five minutes and she wasn’t rejecting me every five minutes. I guess in the grand scheme of things, that works.

I watched a couple of Sara Evans videos on CMT this morning. Very impressive. Very impressive indeed. I should go back and add her to that survey that had 5 fictional characters that I would date and pick one from her videos and have that be the number 5 answer that I left blank. Those out there that are now saying “hey beggars can’t be choosers”, I don’t play by the rules cause I’m a heel at heart. I can be a chooser especially since this beggar doesn’t get any offers anyway. I have heard nothing from “anonymous” on how the search is going for those who are interested in me and I can certainly say that no applicants have sent anything to me personally either.

Well my fatass is hurting now from sitting in this chair too long while I searched around all the other sites on my bookmarks list.

Until next time…celebrate the fact that the f’n Yankees are dead for this year and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team.


Here is the added information. The Morris Herald ran an article today in the paper about the show. It has a huge picture of Jimmy Jacobs and it talks about Hero vs. Joe, Mickie vs. Daizee and Jimmy vs. Cabana.

Here is the link to the site. It will get you to be able to see the picture of Jimmy and then the article is the first link after the picture: link gone

Also this is for Ray. In the paper they had an insert magazine that has an article on Rachel Ray. After reading your LJ the other day, I decided to save it for you. Let me know if you want it and I’ll bring it to the shows…just let me know which one you are coming to next. Later.






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