Today was a mixed bag

I woke up early and watched some College Gameday and just sat around the house freezing to death. I finally checked the thermostat and saw that it was 58 degrees in the house so I flipped the switch and turned on the heat. I’ve had it on all day and now it is sorta nice and toasty in here.

Chris came out and bothered me so he could put some Bears tickets up on stubhub and then he bought Road Warrior Hawk and Animal legends figures off of ebay. He left and I went into town to meet people to sell tickets. 5 front row tickets got sold (I’ll count 3 towards Fusion’s number so you can at least buy me dinner after the Morris show if you don’t get the rest sold to include Sweeney on the deal). I bought the Morris paper and it had the USA Weekend magazine in it. Kirsten Dunst was on the cover which is always a good thing. Not the best actress in the world but she is pleasant to look at without a doubt. I was trying to kill some time because I had to wait another 30 minutes to sell the other tickets after selling the 3 so I decided to look completely through the magazine. The next article was on depression. They listed 8 physical ailments that are symptoms of depression and surprise surprise I scored 100% on having all 8. It had a good article on who might get into the NFL HOF next year as well so it was some good reading until the other guy got off work and bought tickets.

The commercials for the Morris show aired on the UFC shows on Spike tonight but they didn’t air on TNA. That was all national commercials for booze, video games and Death Warrant on Spike. Blah.

Food hasn’t agreed with me all day again so it has been a blah day overall. Ian and Mickie are heading this way tomorrow so we can flyer for Midlothian. Hopefully I will feel better for that.

That is about it since nothing exciting ever happens in this corner of the world.

Until the next babbling update about things no one cares about…






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