Mostly a Redskins update but some major news as well

Well tonight was the Homecoming game for Morris as they played Oswego East. Everyone knew the game was going to be a blow out. Oswego East was 0-6 coming into the game and their closest game so far was 35-7. They are a new school and the team is all juniors, they don’t have any seniors at all because the school opened last year for freshman and sophomores only. Poor kids took one on the chin tonight. Here is what their coach said about the game in yesterday’s paper as a preview for the game.

“We know Friday’s game will be a big challenge for us,” said Green, formerly an assist at Lisle and Neuqua Valley. “But we have been telling the kids to look at the total picture and just go out and play. Our kids know what they have in front of them. But we also told them that whoever picks up the paper Saturday morning will know that Oswego East has a varsity football team. Friday’s score will be on the back page of the Chicago paper, so we have nothing to lose.”

I don’t think it is a good thing when they see what that score is but hey that’s just me.

Chris and I went to the Coal City vs. Seneca game first to pass out flyers but the parking lot was crawling with cops so we couldn’t get any out. We headed for the game and got there right before kickoff. Good thing we did or we would have missed everything. For starters, I noticed that the bleachers for Oswego East’s side of the field looked like an IWA Salem crowd. The second thing I noticed after the teams took the field was that Oswego East only had about 10 extra kids in uniform on the sideline. First offensive play for Morris – John Dergo 50ish yard TD run without being touched. Three and out for Oswego. Second offensive play of the game for Morris is a touchdown pass to Peterson where Dergo killed a kid on a block and knocked him out of the game. Oswego gets the ball and Dergo intercepts the pass and returns it for a TD. Morris 22 Oswego 0, three minutes into the game and Morris has only run 2 plays.

This is where it starts to get blurry to me. Morris leads 28-0 after first quarter. They don’t give Dergo any more handoffs…they just run goofy plays and new pass routes. John Maddox comes over and starts talking to me and Chris. Dergo scores another TD after finally getting another carry in the second quarter. I don’t have official stats but it seems like he only got about 5 carries for around 100 yards and 2 TDs and then the 3rd TD with the interception return. Morris leads 55-0 at the half. It should have been 69-0 but Morris fumbled on a run at the one yard line and didn’t even try to recover, they just let Oswego have it. Morris then took a knee on the final play of the half at the goal line to keep from scoring another TD. Most of the second quarter was played by reserves so it wasn’t running it up at all. I don’t believe in telling the reserves that they can’t try to score when they get playing time. They bust their ass in the weight room and at practice to make the first team better and they have every right to get to play and need to play in case something happens to a starter so they are ready. If you can’t stop the second team too damn bad.

Chris and I left at halftime because Chris always wants to leave games early and well I wasn’t really having fun either. That’s right ladies and gentlemen…I am so dead inside that I don’t even get enjoyment out of a Redskins rout. I even spent the entire second quarter talking to John Maddox. That may not seem like a big deal to anybody but here is the significance. John Maddox used to be on my shit list. Actually he wasn’t officially on it…he was just not on my good side. No one has ever crossed back over to the good side with me once they have gotten onto the shit list. No one. However, the shit list has taken a gigantic swing over the last month. People have been pushed waaaay down on the list and Maddox has worked himself free of the shadows of it. I almost thought about letting JC Bailey off the shit list!!! He was acquitted of his guilty by association crimes but he still had the no shows and being unreliable to keep him on the shit list. For those reading, I don’t hold the turn at War Games against him because he did me a favor by setting me free from managing. I’ll give everyone a second to recover (some from the shock of JC almost being forgiven…others from the shock that I actually sit around and debate with myself about people’s status on my shit list)

Yes the shit list has a new leader and no one even comes close to challenging for that spot. We might see other people pushed off the list in due time but I make no promises. (I’m not sure if this is one of the seven signs of the apocolyspe but it very well could be)

BTW – final score of the game after the non stop running clock for the second half of the game:

Morris 61 Oswego East 0

I dropped off 3 writeups for the Morris paper today to see if they would run them next week as previews for the show and they called tonight after the game and said that they would more than likely run them. It should do a good job of letting the people of Morris know who the wrestlers are and what has been leading up to the matches that are occuring.

I’ve had a couple of people call me for front row tickets today that I have to meet tomorrow. If I feel in a giving mood, I might count those towards Marc Fusion’s 13 that he needs for the dinner. Chris and I went to Romines tonight after we left the game and they didn’t give me enough chili on the cheeseburgers. Oh well. There’s always Thursday night after the show!






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