Today was…slightly better

I sort of woke up on time this morning and took the car into Tire Tracks to get work done. Oil change, tires rotated and balanced, transmission fluid checked on and the brakes checked. I need front brakes and will get those done next week when my grandma is home so I’m not stuck in town all day without a vehicle.

I walked a few blocks down to the post office after dropping off the car and mailed out a Steve Young starting lineup that I sold on ebay. I ended up buying Jim Henson Muppet Show stamps and Dr. Seuss stamps. The Jim Henson Muppet Show stamps kick ass. It even has the grumpy old guys from the balcony. Awesome to say the least.

I then walked a couple of blocks to the barbershop to get my hair cut. I actually talked to the barber this time so I could ask him to put up a flyer for my show. I remember going in there when I was a real little kid and reading PWI, Wrestler and Inside Wrestling because he would have those magazines in there. I think he will be attending the show. There was about three other guys in the barbershop so they got to hear about the show during the conversation too.

I then walked all the way down Washington Street which was about five blocks going door to door putting out flyers and then came back up the other side of the street doing the same. It was 90 degrees and I’m a fatass so I was beat and needed lunch.

I went to Al’s Restaurant downtown and had a cheeseburger. I even ate chicken dumpling soup which would give my grandma a heart attack if she knew. I sat around and waited a few extra minutes until it was 1 o’clock so I could go back and check on the car. The guy at Tire Tracks said it would be about another half hour so I decided to flyer more.

I walked down Jackson Street and did the same as I did on Washington Street. I grew up in a house on Jackson Street that is no longer standing. We sold it to our neighbors when we moved and they had the two houses knocked down and one huge house put on the two lots. They were out in the yard but I just kept walking. The houses were all different around there and it looked horrible. I’m glad I don’t live on that street anymore!!!

I returned to the garage and waited for my car to be done. I went home and watched the White Sox beat the hell out of the Red Sox. I’m pulling for the Pale Hose this year. Boston last year. White Sox this year. Maybe it would mean the Cubs next year and get the three droughts over with in a row.

A lady called about the ad in the paper and I went to sell them 2 tickets so her husband could take their grandson. They were real nice people.

The IWA chat was quite entertaining tonight. Marc Fusion is trying to sell 13 more front row tickets for the Morris show so he can go out to dinner with Larry Sweeney and myself after the show. He even went out and had a Fannin 3:16 shirt made for the show. He can’t decide what to put on the back of it so maybe you guys should post ideas in response to this update and see if you can’t write the back of his shirt. It has to be something good about me so no “F@%$ Fannin” or anything like that and if you don’t already have tickets and want to go, leave a way for him to get ahold of you and find a way to get the tickets through him so he can sell his 13. He told me in the chat that if I never manage again before he dies that he will be upset. I told him that the only 2 ways that I would definitely come back would be as follows: Mitch Page and Rollin Hard call me and ask me to manage them for a farewell tour that lasts just a couple of months or I get to manage Ric Flair and he turns on me and gives me a chop and the figure four. Other than that, Ian will have to force me to go back into managing because the last couple of months I managed were just hell and torture and I couldn’t wait for them to end. Fusion asked if I would consider returning for one night at the IWA Legends reunion show of 2025 and I told him that I don’t won’t to be alive in 2025 so if by chance I’m still alive, I would probably be too pissed off about being alive to do the show.

Well I’ve taken out the garbage so I don’t have to wake up at 6 am to do it. I think that about sums up my day of events. I think tomorrow has lots more flyering and the QB Club meeting at 6 pm.

Until next time…






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