Quick football update before I leave

Morris won 42-7 last night. Morris could have had a touchdown at the end of the game. The second team drove the ball down to the 1 yard line but Coach Dergo had them take a knee since there was only a minute left and the mercy clock was running cause it was 42-0 before Minooka got their TD.

John Dergo had 179 yards rushing on only 12 carries with 2 TDs. He had a TD receiving and then he threw a 44 yard TD pass on a fake punt to account for 4 TDs.

I handed out flyers all during the sophomore game (won by Morris 34-0) and I missed the first quarter of the football game (Dergo’s long TD run and TD catch)while handing out the flyers. The football coach’s brother really pissed me off. The whole family is really into the AMATUER high school wrestling. He looked at the flyer and handed it back to me and said “I don’t like that fake shit…only the real stuff like my family does.” Well FUCKASS, that “fake shit” is raising money for your FUCKING FAMILY douchebag. If he wasn’t a Grundy County Deputy Sheriff I would have cussed him out on the spot and dared him to get in the ring with Samoa Joe at the show and last more than 5 seconds. I would have taken great joy in watching his pussy ass crumble from a headbutt/slap attack. Chris got a big kick out of my response to one guy who handed the flyer back to me and “I don’t believe in that” and I yelled towards him as he walked away “It ain’t Santa Claus.” I would just like to point out to all these fucking hypocrites…if they watch anything other than the news on television, they are watching FAKE SHIT. There is nothing fake about the blood, the injuries, the pain that our guys feel. So those people can go sit on their high and mighty high horse and go fuck themselves with a broomstick…sideways…twice…with no lubrication and never be heard from again.

On the whole, I think it went well. Lots of kids were going crazy and the PA announcer read it off three times over the course of the night to the live crowd to let them know that it was a fundraiser for the football team and such. We only need about 10% of the people that were given flyers to go to the show to have a sellout so hopefully it accomplished that.

Joliet Catholic beat the hell out of another top Catholic school last night. I don’t think there is any beating those bastards again this year. 37 catholic schools are suing the IHSA over the multiplier saying that it isn’t fair to them. To JCA’s credit, they aren’t one of them suing. They want to play the bigger schools and prove that they are the best team regardless of size in the state. The other schools don’t want any part of playing bigger competition just because they can recruit like a college. They want to stay right where they are and dominate all the little schools that can’t recruit. Playoffs are 3 weeks away so we shall see what happens.

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