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Today (yesterday whatever) was quite a busy day for me. I had to go to the middle school and drop off the insurance policy. I went to the newspaper and got prices and what not for ads. I stopped by the cable company and asked what number to call to buy commercials but they were clueless. I was able to find three different numbers on and I sent them along to Ian so he will find out tomorrow/today.

I stopped by my other grandma’s afterwards and visited with her and my Aunt Sharon. I was told about my nieces (actually they are cousins but they all call me Uncle Jimmy) not being able to go to the carnival this year during Corn Fest because their dad didn’t have the money. My Aunt said that between her, my uncle and my grandma that they could get the girls the wristbands to ride the rides but they wouldn’t have any other money to get them snacks/drinks or let them play games. I gave her $20 so each girl could have $5 to spend at the carnival. I then bought her and one of the girls tickets to the Morris show because Sammie loves Mickie and hopefully we’ll get Mickie a match on the show. I guess my good samaritan deed for the week is done.

I went home and my checks arrived in the mail as well as payment for a Star Wars auction I had on ebay. Back into town to the bank and post office and I decided to go to Wal-Mart. They had the new Family Guy DVD about the untold story of Stewie so I immediately added that to my cart. The ads on tv said it wouldn’t be available until Tuesday but Wal-Mart had it on Monday…guess I’m the first on my block to have it. Maybe we can watch it Saturday night after Chappelle.

I came back home and had to mow the lawn. The grass was thick as hell and wet so it was quite the adventure. My grandma kept telling me that if I ever let the yard get that big again that I would get a whipping. I also finally got around to replacing the light bulbs in the outside lights. Tomorrow/today I have to do some painting on the shed. Busy times indeed.

I just read JimLot’s post on the IWA board in which he proclaims me as the ultimate babyface for all the things I did to try to win Mickie’s love (candy, flowers, singing, dancing, giving up on War Games and walking away from everything etc). It gave me a good laugh cause the ultimate babyface always goes over in the end and wins. I didn’t win. Not by a longshot. I won her friendship which is a good thing and all but not quite what I had in mind at the outset. I bet his opinion will change when he watches the Midlo show right before War Games. Ultimate babyfaces are more gracious in defeat than I am. I lash out, hold grudges and complain/bitch and moan/cry about it. Definitely not the acts of an ultimate babyface.

Well I guess I should go back to sleep…if I can.

Good Day.






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