TPI is over…now time to focus on Morris

Well TPI has come and gone and was a very good success. Sydal was awesome and I think I jumped five feet in the air and definitely pumped my fist when Hero turned heel. I’m upset that he never acted like that when we did the Super Heroes back in 2001. I would have had soooooo much more fun if he did.

Jennessa made it to the show with her broken foot. She sat by me behind the table so she could be out of harms way well some of the time she was back there. She did a good job as my secretary and writing everything down that was sold so I could my stuff faster. The ONE GIRL (we’ll call her that in the LJ for now) stopped by the table but she was only interested in checking on Jennessa. I said a few things and tried to be funny but got no response. I’m good at not standing out in a crowd with the ladies. I took Jennessa home after the show and then returned to the hotel to wait for 5 am to roll around so I could do my airport run and then go home. It was a hairy drive home as I kept falling asleep and then waking up to find that I was about to run over the top of a slow driving car while I was doing about 90. I’ve become an expert at that and think that I could win a gold medal if it were an Olympic sport.

Speaking of the ONE GIRL, no applications this weekend for women looking to make the Top 5 list. Since Mickie, Shaina and Jennessa aren’t eligible for this list, it will be forever and a day before there is five on the list. I got a nice email from Shaina today and that made me feel a little better so I appreciate that. So “anonymous”, we will change the age requirements for making the list. We’ll drop the low end to 20 but if they make it into the original breakdown, it will make for extra points. Also, you didn’t introduce yourself this weekend if you were there!!!

I’m tired of typing after doing results and Morris show info.

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Hero makes my day. Hero vs. Cannon would have been just as good IMO but Joe vs. Hero should definitely make the wrestling fans in the area want to come to Morris. I hope I get to hear what a “Let’s Go Hero…Let’s Go Joe” chant sounds like when 900 people are doing it.

Good Day. (Finally makes it long awaited return)






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