Night One of the TPI

Tonight was a very good show. AJ got sick with strep throat and had to cancel at the last mintue but Tyler vs. Sal ended up being a good match. We had a packed house tonight and they were into everything. There were several great matches but my favorite was Sydal vs. Generico. Exciting to watch.

I’m exhausted and ready for bed. I didn’t get any applications turned in tonight. The one girl was at the show tonight that held a position on the old Top 5 list. She was looking good tonight but never really acknowledged my existence. She doesn’t fall into the age break down that I had so it probably is for the best anyway. Besides, she probably isn’t available anyway. That is usually what happens to me. If I notice them, somebody else already has as well.

Tomorrow is busy busy busy and then next week will be full to the max with the Morris show taking the majority of my time.

I’m tired of typing since I’ve typed up results and a preview for tomorrow.

Good Day.






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