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I just got back from the QB Club meeting and I’m heading to the middle school tomorrow to talk business. The guy running the club doesn’t have the time to do it and his wife and my cousin get along worse than me and my cousin do so Shabbona it is. Hopefully things work out well. The football game on Friday night is the Comcast Game of the Week so it will be seen all over Chicagoland all next week on the Comcast public access station. Here in Morris it is Channel 3. It is not the Comcast Sportsnet channel that plays the Cubs, Sox, Bulls and everything else. So as long as I find out what time, I’ll get to see the game anyway this week. The team they play runs 5 receivers and no running back and pass the ball every play unless the QB runs it. They onside kick every time and when they decide to punt they act like they are going for it and drop back and quick punt it. Coach Dergo said tonight he wants to win 100-0 to show those idiots that the game of football isn’t played that way. I hope he succeeds.

I guess 11 comments is where I get stuck at on these updates now. That’s better than the usual zero however. Since writing that, I’ve gotten up to 13 now.

Today I went to Joliet to Home Depot and got some paint and some edging trim to put around the deck and shed to keep the rabbits from digging holes. I got one side of the shed scraped and painted this afternoon and damn it was warm. It was about 90 degrees and I sweat like a pig while scraping and painting was even worse. The paint was drying on the brush before I could even get it on the shed it was so damn hot. Tomorrow will be a looooooooooong day. I actually got a warm fuzzy feeling when I went into the Home Depot and saw the reach truck out in garden. I thought for about three seconds about the people I worked with at the Clarksville Home Depot and then the moment passed.

I got tickets for Dave Chappelle on Saturday night October 1st so I hope no IWA show gets put on that night. Maniwa, Adrianne, Shaina and me going to Lexington and having a fun time. Ian and Mickie were supposed to be in Europe at that time but due to his injury, they aren’t going now.

I have the QB Club meeting tonight at the high school. If the president of the Club hasn’t found out anything about the fundraiser show, I’ve decided I’m going to my cousin and trying to iron out our differences. It was in the paper last night about how the school is severely in debt and his quote was “if something isn’t done, we’ll have to shut our doors in February.” Maybe we can talk some business and let bygones be bygones.

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