And people wonder where I get it from

This will be a short update but a fun one. My grandma can’t stand the current champion on Jeopardy. She doesn’t like the face he makes when he wins at the end of the show. Jeopardy comes on at 3:30 pm in the Chicago area. The guy almost lost yesterday but pulled it out on Final Jeopardy and won. My grandma turned the channel in disgust and swears she’ll never watch Jeopardy again. At 5:00 pm, my grandma just comes out with “Damn I hate that guy on Jeopardy.” An hour after the show is over she is still fuming about it! Her nurse called her yesterday and gave her the results of her blood test and told her she wasn’t taking the right dosage of prescriptions she has. My grandma was still fuming over that several hours after the phone call and saying that she was never told to take double the dosage on Sundays. Three hours after the phone call, she looked at me and said, “you know that makes me mad…I should just get another doctor.”

And you people wonder why I never let anything go and I hold vendettas against people. Now you know.

Good Day.






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