Thoughts on Hurricane relief and other things with it

I know the two of you that read this thing are probably shocked that I haven’t weighed in with my hate filled opinions on the Hurricane and the relief efforts and the controversy about how the government responded.

Let’s start with the stupidest damn thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. That dipshit singer that broke out the line about “George Bush hates black people” and that is why the response has been less than stellar. I guess not a single white person has been hurt or harmed by the hurricane. If any were, I guess it is their fault for living next to the darkies so they are being punished by Bush as well. You know he has a button in the White House that can direct weather on where to strike. If he wanted to, Bush could have swam into New Orleans in the shitfilled water and delivered relief supplies himself. Jackasses like that fucknut should just be shot and the world made a better place. There are plenty of people to blame on this thing. I’m sure the people stealing guns and bullets and going around robbing places blind are making things much better. The idiots that don’t want to leave their houses and want to continue living in filth and grime are making everyone’s jobs easier. I guess having two black people as Secretary of State where they are only a few assassinations away from becoming President is hating black people. Clinton, Carter, JFK, FDR they all had large amounts of black people is such high positions. Well Clinton did have Jocelyn “We need to make safer bullets…we need to hand out condoms and teach sex ed in kindergarten” Elders as Surgeon General. That was definitely a brilliant move.

The government definitely has some blame to take on this thing. Telling people that are waiting in line for help that “here’s a flyer with a phone number to call” or asking “what’s your email address” or “what’s your fax number” shows that they can’t look around and see that there is no electricity, no homes, no phones. The survivors should have the right to bitch slap anybody working for FEMA that is dumb enough to have those responses and questions.

Bush has done some things to take some heat over here of late but this hurricane is definitely not one of them.

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