Update before my bedtime

I’d like to start out with a big thanks to all ZERO of you who have sent leads on the finding a female that loves me. It makes the selection process very easy.

I went to the Quarterback Club meeting tonight at the high school and bought a new hoodie that is the same as the shirt I bought last time, so now I have two different sets of matching long sleeve and hoodie Morris clothing. I have fall and winter covered now. I ran into my cousin Leslee at the meeting as she was there for the cheerleader portion because her daughter is a sophomore cheerleader. I found out that they are looking into moving away so they will no longer be living a block away from me. I don’t really see her all that much anyway. The guy still hasn’t looked into the fundraiser idea. I hope he gets started on that soon.

Tomorrow is garbage day and I have a lot of odds and ends to take out in the morning. Grill, Chair, old shades. We are cleaning up the back room and with that stuff being gone and the Star Wars and wrestling figures I’ve been selling on ebay, I’m making some money and making some room in the house. The Starting Lineups and McFarlane baseball, football and basketball figures will be next on the list of what to sell off so I can have some money coming in and get rid of clutter. My grandma actually doesn’t mind when I’m on the computer trying to sell that stuff.

Well I’m tired and need to go to bed. Good Day.






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