Morris 41 Yorkville 0

Morris had another easy win tonight. It was 41-0 at the half causing the mercy clock to run the entire second half. John Dergo was once again proving why he is the best player in school history.

8 carries for 170 yards and 4 touchdowns – a 21.25 yards per carry average
didn’t get his receiving stats but he had at least 2 catches and one was a 43 yard touchdown
5 extra points kicked.

So he already has 9 TDs, 385 yards rushing, 10 extra points in 2 games and he easily could have about another 150 yards and 4 touchdowns already but he didn’t play at all in the second half tonight. He had a 60 yard touchdown run tonight where he was stopped in the backfield and broke free, ran across the field and got to the corner and then cut back across the field and broke a few more tackles to get the touchdown.

If he wasn’t more interested in going to college on a wrestling scholarship, he could be getting a lot of interest from some good college football teams. Every team knows he is getting the ball but they can’t stop him.

My cousin Chuckie went to the game with me tonight and we got to talk about the old days and how it still bothers us to this day that we didn’t get the state championship back in 1992 when we were ranked #1 all year and got hosed in the playoffs by Marian Catholic. Oswego wins the championship and we beat them by 4 touchdowns that year. Yes we have issues. We know we have issues so that is half the battle.

Got to get some sleep so I can go pick up Jennessa and Mickie in the morning and go flyering for Plymouth.

I’ve sent out letters to 7 schools now looking into doing fundraisers. Hopefully something materializes out of that. I’m going to come up with at least 3 more schools to try.

Good day.






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