I’m back from the KY State Fair

Well the trip to Louisville was a fun one. Two concerts at the Kentucky State Fair. Trace Adkins and Kenny Chesney.

The Trace Adkins concert was a lot of hassle and could have been so much better like if we could have seen or heard anything. The free concert setup at the Fair is a joke. It is held at a baseball park and the stage is at home plate and facing the stands to where only the people sitting directly behind home plate can see the stage. We were by the outfield wall in left field. All the speakers were pointed to the stands directly behind home plate so you couldn’t hear hardly anything while not being able to see anything. So why didn’t we get there early enough to get a better seat you ask? Because it took us 80 minutes yes 8 and a 0 together for 80 minutes to park the car because all the lots were closed off and the security people were dumbasses and couldn’t tell anyone where to park so it was just a circle of cars not moving because no one knew where to go.

The Kenny Chesney concert was much better. We went to eat at Hoops before the concert and the waitress we had now knows what it would be like to walk a mile in my shoes. Or at least what it feels like to wear them cause she was so far up on me while taking the orders that we could have passed as siamese twins. Not that I’m complaining cause that is probably the most action I’ll get the rest of my life! Anywho back to the concert, beautiful cowgirls were outnumbering the guys at least 3-1 at the concert but they were damn squeaky and loud and wouldn’t sit down. Ian almost got into a rumble with one person for standing in front of Patti after she had asked him to move. I was a little disappointed that Chesney didn’t sing “A Chance” since that is my favorite song of his but since he didn’t even put it on his greatest hits CD I knew he wouldn’t do it in concert. It was a good show until Uncle Kracker came out and turned it into a rock concert by singing his stuff and Kid Rock. I zoned that part out and luckily it was only about 10 minutes long. Pat Green was the opening act and is a great entertainer. I didn’t know any of his songs but it was still enjoyable to watch and listen to.

Everyone needs to congratulate me. I was around Mickie for five days and didn’t say one thing to get myself hit. Ian and Patti tried to talk me into getting a light up lei that they were selling at the fair and give it to Mickie and make a comment like “always wanted to lei you” or “I’ve finally lei’d you” or something like that but I would have no part of it. As I told Ian, I’ve done a tremendous job of failing miserably on my own so I don’t need any help in that department. I almost blew it though after watching the Mayor perform at the Comedy Caravan. We went through a construction zone that had a double fine sign for speeding and I looked to Mickie and said “The last time I saw something that was double fine…” and she had the fist clenched and ready to fly and I quickly backpedaled and finished with “was that sign.” So the streak is still in tact.

Great performance by the Mayor at the club even though it was probably the worst overall show we’ve been to there. Good comedy is hard to find I guess. We went out to eat at Steak and Shake afterwards with Mayor and Missy and had a great time until the conversation had turned to ugly topics while I had went to the restroom. “There’s mixed company at the table” – Maniwa, Patti and Ian will laugh at that but I don’t know about the rest of you.

That’s all for now.

Good Day.






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