Morris 41 Geneva 19

Well tonight was the first game in the history of my life not coached by Dan Darlington at the high school.  Chris and I got there during the sophomore game and waited for Chuckie to arrive since he hadn’t gotten home from work yet.  Upon entering the stadium, you can see the sign marking the great tradition of my high school.  My two years on varsity are on the sign:  1992 and 1993 – 21 wins 2 losses and 2 conference championships with undefeated regular seasons.  Here is the sign:

image gone 🙁


The team was hyped and ready to play and it was time to hit the field and start the new era of Redskin football.

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There is few adrenaline rushes that match with running onto the field at Morris High School going through the banner and the smoke and having 3000 to 5000 people cheering for you and knowing that you are going to kick some ass that night.  Wrestling has come close on some occassions but since we never had a crowd that size…

The game started just like the ones in years past:  John Dergo scored on the first play with a 51 yard touchdown run.  He rushed for 2,100 yards last year and scored 41 TDs overall.  Both school records.  He may top it this year.

He scored again on his third carry of the game with a 20 yard TD run.  Then the offense got in a rut and fumbled.  Then they turned the ball over on downs.  Then they fumbled again this time on their own 20 yard line.  How does the team respond:  John Dergo gets a 100 yard INT return for a touchdown.  Then he scores again with a 64 yard TD run on the last play of the first half.

I left after halftime ended due to a medical emergency.  My cousin who showed up right before halftime had to return home because his girlfriend’s brother had to be taken to the hospital.  He had to watch his daughters so she could go to the hospital.  The score ended up being 41-19…not that big of a blowout but definitely a good way to start the season.  I couldn’t get the radio to come in very well in my room but I think I heard that Dergo had over 200 yards rushing.  I don’t know if he scored a 5th TD but I do know another kid scored one so I know he didn’t get 6.

I’m off to KY tomorrow so I can see Trace Adkins tomorrow night and Kenny Chesney on Sunday night and hopefully the Mayor on Tuesday night.

I shall post sometime after that.

Good Day.






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