My 7 songs since Maniwa tagged me

1. The Best I Ever Had – Gary Allen – I just really like that song. It is about lost love and the memories left from it. I like the song and I always turn it way up when the video comes on CMT.

2. Anything But Mine – Kenny Chesney – it has been out for awhile but it still is such I great song that I can’t get enough of it.

3. Turn the Page – not sure on who sings it Bob Seger maybe – it has been on the radio a lot lately while I’ve been scanning during road trips. Great song for wrestling business.

4. Goodbye Time – Blake Shelton – another video that I turn up everytime I see it on CMT. Blake Shelton has got several songs that I really like and right now this is the one I like best.

5. I Hate Everything – George Strait – totally fits my personality except for the song has a happy ending but I’m right there with it up until that point.

6. Jimmy Jacobs theme song mix – You’ve Got Power and then Superman or He-Man whatever it is – means that some great stuff is about to occur in the ring and it is time to stop whatever I’m doing and pay attention to the ring.

7. Don’t Ask Me How I Know – not sure on the guys name – another good song that I like on country radio and Axl and I were singing it together the last time he was in for a show.

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