Morris Quarterback Club meeting

I went to the Morris Quarterback Club meeting tonight over at the high school. I bought a brand new Morris football long sleeve shirt that is gold. I really like it. Nice and bright and it reminds me of Chris Candido since his shirt is the same color.

I talked with the president of the QB club about doing another show in Morris as a fundraiser and he said he would ask some other people that were around for the last one we did and talk with Coach Dergo and see if we can’t get something set up for it. He said my cousin may even let it be held in the high school if more than just the football team was involved in getting some of the money since the school is so hard up for whatever it can get. That would be fun and so much easier than having to work with the middle school. I can’t even begin to tell you how pissed off I am that the Windy City wrestling group is doing a fundraiser show at the middle school here in Morris. If I weren’t going to Louisville that day I would probably end up in jail for kicking a whole lot of ass at that show. If I wanted to play dirty, I would call Abyss and tell him to no show but rest assured that if those fuckers continue to run MY HOMETOWN, there will be problems between us. I don’t put IWA shows at the gay bars they frequent, I don’t expect them to come to my hometown and put on shitty shows and ruin the town for wrestling.

Since Herrin has been cancelled, I will be attending the home opener against Geneva Vikings on Friday. They are coming off a semifinal appearance in 7A last year and according to Coach Dergo, they are running their mouths about coming into Morris and winning. Hopefully Morris will be as good as in the past under the new coaching staff and the game will be a blowout victory like most years. I will be going to the game with my cousin Chuck and Chris. I will take a few pictures and completely bore the hell out of you with Friday night’s update complete with pics.

Everyone better get used to lots of updates about high school football because here in Morris, there isn’t anything else to do!!!!

Good Day.






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