Stuff I love

Cheeseburgers w/ ketchup only or covered in chili
Sirloin Steak w/ ketchup or A1 or Heinz 57
crinkly cut French Fries w/ ketchup
Pizza (pepperoni & pineapple)
Minute Steaks (but can’t find them anywhere anymore)
Hawaiian Punch Light
Coke Zero
Raspberry Tea
Burger King
Long John Silvers
Morris Redskins
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Bears
IWA Mid-South
Mickie Knuckles
My Grandma
Ian and Patti
The IWA Crew special mention to Mark and Hero and Steve Stone and Arik Cannon (guys I’ve actually spent time with outside of shows and/or traveled with to the shows and had fun) and Glen, Gary and Andy of SMV
Former IWA crew – Mean Mitch Page, Rollin Hard, Cash Flo and Danny Daniels (same reason as above)
Maniwa and Adrianne
Rest of my family
Family Guy
Hogan Knows Best
country music
Frank Sinatra
Ronald Reagan
RIP Section – My mom, My dad, My grandpa, Chris Candido
My apologies to anyone that might have been left off the list that belongs there.






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