List of stuff I hate to make my day complete

I tried going to bed but I kept thinking about things to put on a list of things I hate to coincide with the list of things I love. Here we go:

being lonely and single
that things didn’t work out with Shaina
that things can’t get started with Mickie
Joliet Catholic – all Catholic schools also but the most hatred for JCA
Mike Alstott – most hated of all JCA players due to the 1990 game
Green Bay Packers
Brett Favre
New York Yankees
George Steinbrenner
Christian Laettner
Houston Astros
St. Louis Cardinals
Hot Dogs, Balogna and anything else like it
Chinese Food
Pork Chops, Ham, Spare Ribs and other non bacon non sausage pork products
onions, tomatoes, mayo, anything put on hamburgers except for ketchup & lettuce
complicated movies like Vanilla Sky – I want to be entertained not tested
on the average – most scary movies – they are too unrealistic and just stupid
Star Trek and other non Star Wars science fiction space war movies
Anything with Whoopi Golberg or Robin Williams in it
money being given to me crinkled up or not all facing the same way
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Jeff Jarrett
Atomic Dog
New Jack
Doug Gilbert
Shane Storm’s gimmick
Kid Kash
Jim Cornette
Joe Bailey & JC Bailey & Simon Sezz
Danny Davis – the midget not the old WWF ref
All the untalented big guys that overpopulate the WWE and wrestling in general
not being able to sleep at night
nothing decent being on television 95 percent of the time
talking on the phone
random people talking to me in public about random things
being around people that aren’t my close friends but yet I’m expected to talk to
obnoxious wrestling fans that think they know it all and can do it better
life in general
myself quite often
Bill and Hilliary Clinton
Jesse Jackson
Michael Jackson
Rap music
Heavy Metal music
Jimmy Carter
Judge Meade that made me despise politics
wrestling politics which at times is worse than political politics
people that’ve done something wrong to a friend of mine – I love holding grudges
My cousin Steve Fannin
scumbag criminals – thieves, murderers, rapists etc
to sum it up, in the immortal song lyrics of George Strait, “I hate everything”






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