It’s 4:30 am and I just got home…sleep or update journal???

Well the shows went as expected this weekend. I really enjoyed Midlothian. I wish Maniwa and Adrianne were there to make it all the better but it was still fun. It was probably the best IWA show in a while but I don’t really get to see most of the shows so it could be just because I got to watch and enjoy it. Early reviews on the message board make it seem like everyone else thought it was awesome as well. Rain came up to me and told me that she finally watched the tape of the first women’s six way match and heard my commentary. She said that maybe one day soon I would get to wrestle her!!!!

She offered to Ian to have the opening match in Lafayette tonight be five minutes with her against me. It didn’t happen so I guess Ian didn’t like the idea. I would seriously think about coming out of retirement for that though. Rain is beautiful and she seems to be a nice and sweet girl from what I gather from the interactions I’ve had with her. However, I’m a one woman rejection kind of guy meaning I can only get rejected by one woman at a time. Mickie Knuckles is still on the ledger as that one girl for the forseeable future. Lucky her!!! So no match against Rain anytime soon but I won’t turn down her hugs. She was giving out some squeezes tonight to everyone.

I didn’t sleep very well at all after the Midlo show and I paid for it in Lafayette. Little to no sleep combined with obnoxiously hot temperatures (and since she hates it so much every time I do it, why not say it when I’m not close enough for her to hit, “it was hot in there because Mickie was in there” hehehe)made for a long night. I was sweating profusely just from sitting. Of course I’m extremely obese but still…it was damn hot.

I guess I should really try to catch up on that sleep before my grandma goes psycho on me for still being awake.

Good night.






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