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I’ll post this here for those that don’t go to or have my info for that site.

I figured I would answer the questions my way and then allow everyone else to answer the way it was intended.

“I thought some of you on the friends list might enjoy answering this even though I’m a stick in the mud and don’t drink at all.

Survey of alcohol consumption, copy and paste this with your own answers…

Name: Jim

Height: average

First time you ever got drunk: Never.

More of a beer or liquor person: Shaina once got me to take two sips of champagne so I guess liquor.

Type of drunk you are: I have no idea. I’d guess I would be a mean one.

Ever been in an actual fight: several but none while drunk

Favorite shot: MJ hitting the jumper to win the Finals over the Jazz. I hate Karl Malone and it was a perfect ending to his career. Never should have come back.

Fav Drink: Lately Coke Zero or Fruit Punch (Hawaiian Punch Light is awesome)

Favorite beer (if applicable): Old Style has a kick ass commercial that airs on the radio during Cubs games where they “give the bird” to Cardinal fans. That’s pretty funny.

More of a Bar or Club person: I always popped when Dusty Rhodes said “clubberin…it’s four fistes on one head” so I guess a Club person.

Alcohol you absolutely despise: all

Ever bought a stranger a drink: I don’t even talk to strangers. Didn’t your parents teach you anything when you were a kid.

Been thrown out of a bar/club: No but I did get thrown out trying to steal in little league once

Ever make out with someone in front of a cheering crowd: If you count kissing Mickie’s hand in Highland before she shoved the flowers and candies into my face. Some of the crowd was cheering. That’s as close as it has come though.

Most amount of money spent in one bar/club: I bought a hamburger once at a bar at lunchtime.

Ever buy a round for random people: No.

Ever had to play the wingman: I don’t like hockey

Best song/band to hear while drinking: I would suggest listening to Kenny Chesney’s “That’s Why I’m Here” extra points to anyone that gets the point of that one.

Ever danced on the bar/stage: I danced once at Corporal’s wedding…I was set up and I didn’t like it. Actually I stood still while the girl danced in front of me…Shaina thought it was funny.
I danced with Shaina a couple of times…I’m only capable of slow dance w/ no rhythmn.

Best town/area to drink in: Best area to drink in is the mouth.

Do you forget a lot of what happens during a night of hard
drinking? No I usually remember it all so I can tell my friends how stupid they were.

Ever been drunk around your parents: They would have killed me on the spot”

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