Well since I couldn’t sleep

I thought I would wait until morning to put up this update but since I couldn’t sleep, why not now?

I got to do a lot of thinking on my ride home tonight and most of it wasn’t good. Just where did I go wrong in the pursuit of Mickie?

Let’s set the table: 2001 and 2002 in Charlestown, Mickie would be a part of the ring rentals and I would be the one to let them into the building and what not. We would exchange pleasantries and talk a little. We lose the Charlestown building. Mickie in a paraphrased quote asks when we will go out on a date. I tell her when she turns 18 and give her my phone number. Mickie calls a couple of weeks later and the phone conversation doesn’t fare well due to the fact that I HATE TALKING ON A PHONE. That and I’m as smooth as sandpaper. I meet Shaina and fall in love and Mickie meets Chris and our paths go in different directions. She breaks up with Chris and then Shaina and I split up and seemingly, our paths cross again. In Hollywood, this makes for a happy ending. I’ve seen it countless times. Unfortunately, this isn’t Hollywood. She’s given plenty of reasons as to why she isn’t allowed to date me and seeing as most people don’t follow those rules and the fact that after Ian gave her permission the other day and she followed it up with how she thinks of me as a friend only, I believe there is plenty more to the story.

I’ve got several theories so let’s explore them. She in an effort to cheer me up has told me that she did like me back in the Charlestown days so since I won’t call her a liar, something changed over time. It could be that I’m 30 pounds heavier now than I was back then. I don’t think that is it though. It could be that after getting to know me, she learned what seems to be fact: I am only lovable in a big brother/friend kind of way and not in a romantic way. I tend to give some credence to that theory. The other theory is that when she was younger, she was more naive and thought that maybe I was the best she could hope for out of life. Over time as more and more people saw her and liked what they saw, she learned that she has plenty of options and that I’m not on the list.

However, it doesn’t really matter why because it isn’t going to change anything.

I got home and after checking my yahoo email I clicked on the personals link. I actually had a message from someone that was a couple of weeks old now. I decided to just delete everything my profile included. I don’t just go up and ask random females out and it isn’t like it would work out in the long run anyway. Besides, keeping IWA in business is the new priority that my time will get devoted to and seeing as the only women I meet are at the wrestling and then you have to deal with the rules and the perceptions of others, it just isn’t a good idea to mix business and pleasure.

So anyway I was thinking about all that on the way home and the next thing I knew, I had gone about 40 miles and didn’t really know what happened during those 40 miles. I then looked down and saw a huge chunk of semi tire on the roadside and quickly came back to my senses and focused the rest of the drive home.

Good day.






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