My hatred consumes me

I would like to send out a thanks to all the fuckups on the message board that had me in such a hateful mood towards wrestling the last couple of days that I almost got killed by Mickie Knuckles tonight at Wal-Mart. I made a few comments about hating wrestling that upset her. I finally was able to put my comments into a more proper context though. I tend to let a few bad apples ruin the bunch for me. I was in a mood where I was of the opinion “why should I keep putting my money, blood, sweat and tears into something that unappreciative assholes do nothing but shit on?” Mickie getting mad at me and then reading the comment from my last update from Ray and reading Ken’s LJ made me realize that for every fucker that I wish a miserable painful death upon, there is more that appreciate what we do and want it to continue.

So for those people I shall keep marching forward and doing my best to make sure that IWA survives. For Mickie whom I would do anything for to make her happy, I shall keep doing my best since she has given up everything for IWA. I can’t make her happy any other way so this will be the way. Well I could also make her happy by finding someone else to take her place on the top of my list but that woman will be hard to find. Therefore, she’ll have to settle for me continuing to make her mad while I fail miserably at trying to win her over or while I’m simply trying to make her as happy as possible.

What the hell else would I have to do in life if it weren’t for IWA? Sit at home in Morris and not leave the house?

Till next time…

Good Day.






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