I-65 will be the death of me yet

Mickie, Joey and I were on our way back down to Louisville last night when the curse of I-65 struck me again. Perhaps many will remember that Ian, BFE and I almost died at mile 193 in Indiana on I-65 several years ago when I totalled my Jeep and we almost flipped over an overpass to the road 50 feet below. Well last night, a semi had a blow out and the tire chunk was left in the road. We came along and the cars in front of us were able to avoid it but it ended up flying back and drilling the windshield right in front of Joey. It shattered the windshield and ripped off my side view mirror on the passenger side. Mickie was driving and did a helluva job almost missing it entirely. If it had hit the windshield head on, it would have went through the windshield and into the car hitting all three of us and causing us to have an severe if not fatal accident.

My grandma is up in arms over it saying that if I weren’t on the road, it wouldn’t have happened and how I need to be locked in my room once I go home so I can stay safe.

The state police advised us to get a hotel and get the windshield fixed. Of course, we didn’t listen after the first two hotels had no vacancies. We drove the 50 miles back to Louisville with me holding Joey’s long sleeve shirt against the window to protect us from flying glass while Mickie drove and Joey sang songs from Labyrinth. Read Mickie’s live journal for the review on that classic flick.

I went to the car dealership where I bought the car and they don’t do windshields. I had to call a place that they gave me a card for and the windshield will get fixed at 8 am tomorrow before we head out for Rensselaer.

Mickie just loves telling Ian and Patti about the bungee jumping and how I was acting like a little girl. Grrrrrr. Joey and I had a great talk on Monday night and bonded like we never have before. I sort of mentioned it in the last update with how I was giving him some advice on things. I was reminded of how a motivational speaker came to Morris High School my freshman year and the theme was how it was better to shoot for the stars and miss than aim for a pile of dog shit and hit. I have lived by that motto and I blame it solely for why I am still single. I always aim for those that are out of my league. I look forward to having the chance to have more talks like that with Joey.

Well that about does it for today.

Good Day.






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