The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This weekend has truly been a very tiring experience. As most of you that read this probably already know due to the message boards, the IWA shows were very stressful this weekend. I can’t remember two worse days in my time with IWA as far as a range of emotions go. I have worked side by side with BJ Whitmer longer than any other guy that I have managed. The situation involving him bothered me since I was the middle man having to deal with it. I hope BJ returns sometime in the future because he is a fine talent that adds to the shows. DP, Danny and Brad coming to me and quitting the next night just finished the shittiness of the weekend of events. I managed Danny and Brad and hell the most fun I had managing and the most success was with Danny. DP hasn’t been dedicated to IWA in quite some time. ROH and FIP always came first and he would always wear their shirts and hats at our shows as was pointed out by another person on the message board. I don’t have to repost my thoughts on ROH but to refresh everyone’s memory, it involves pissing and fire. The thing that upsets me most about DP’s quitting is the fact that my retirement will probably end now after a whopping one month. I don’t like the fact that he went public with details that should have been kept between the people that it involved.

In another instance of bad news, I pissed off Mickie after the show last night with one of my comments about us and got a speech that let me know I’ve pushed the envelope too far. It was the “accept my friendship” and realize that is all you get or lose the friendship. She was very sweet and nice about it though as always and giving reasons of why she can’t as opposed to saying that she doesn’t want to. At this point I’d say “damn the rules and promises and ethics of the business” but hey it is the life we have chosen. Speaking of incidents involving Mickie, here is a funny little story. Ian, Mickie and I went to Plymouth to flyer last week and on the car ride back to Louisville, we had the radio on the country station’s love advice show. A commercial came on for Taco Bell where tacos are at a bachelorette party and dancing and wearing a cop hat. Mickie was laughing hysterically and I said “so all I have to do is wear a cop hat and dance and I might have a chance?” Let’s just say that Mickie’s response caused Ian to try to cheer me up but it only frightened me. Then a caller got some advice from the host along these lines, “there isn’t anything wrong with telling someone you find attractive ‘hello’.” I turned around and looked at Mickie and said “hello.” I thought Ian was going to die laughing or at least give himself whiplash from shaking his head.

Today was a lot better though as I took Mickie and Joey (Ian and Patti’s son not Eastman) to Great America. I hadn’t been there in 11 years and we all needed some stress relief from the weekend events. I actually went bungee jumping with the two of them. If you see Joey at a future show in a cast it is because I was squeezing his arm so tight during the jump that he couldn’t pull it away from my grip. I’ve never been so scared in my life well except for…We also did the Giant Drop ride which raises you 200 feet up into the air and drops you straight down. I’ll let you know when I find my stomach and seeing that it is huge, I shouldn’t be having a problem with locating it but I do. That’s right, I’m a big wuss when it comes to heights. I was shocked to still see Demon and American Eagle in service and we rode those as well as Viper and Raging Bull. We got in the Starship space shuttle simulator and Splash Water Falls also. It was just what the doctor ordered to get our minds off things. The ride back to the house was quite fun. Mickie fell asleep and Joey and I had a great discussion on our failures with the ladies. I gave him some sound advice. Witnesses are bad when you are about to be humiliated especially when the witness is your sworn enemy. Back to flyering tomorrow and getting down to business.

Good day.






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